Barn Wood display box

Both my husband and I had grandfathers with great barns. We used to play around in them when we were young and my chilren have loved exploring them also. There is a magic and mystery about an old barn. We love to see what treasures we can find. We have spent more time at my husband’s “grandpa Hunt’s” barn. There are hundreds of daffodill’s of all kinds around there and we have dug some and replanted around our yard. They are my favorite thing to see in the Spring. Now the barns are old and falling apart and soon to be over grown. A few years ago we grabbed some wood from Grandpa Hunt’s barn and my Grandpa Howard’s barn hoping to perserve a little memory. It has been sitting in the attic for some time. This spring I had inspiration and wante to use some of this wood. Since we have more from Grandpa Hunt’s barn I used his wood. It still has some of the old red paint visable making all the bettter. I wanted to make a box from it to display some easter grass and eggs in.

I cut my length to 18″ and then measured how big my sides should be.

Then I took some nails with large heads (I wanted them to match the feel of the wood). And nailed it all together. (if I do this again I will run a bead of wood glue to help it all stay together)

I think it looks great.

Now I wanted some easter grass and decided to go for the real thing.

I had some old egg cartons and decided to use the top portions to plant my grass. I measured how many cartons would I need to fill my large barn wood box. It was 2 complete tops and then 2 half tops. I cut a top in half and then “slide them together to get the length I wanted and then taped them together so I would have sides all around.

I then used 6 cups of potting soil and 1 cup of Rye grass seed. (the nice man at the Co-Op gave it to me for free because I needed so little and because it is late in the season to plant rye grass outside). It will do great inside though.

Mix it thoroughly and add water to make it moist. Put it into your egg carton trays.

I needed something for the cartons to sit on in the box to get them closer to the top. I rolled up newspaper and kept adding until I got the height I needed. I then put small white garbage bag over the newspaper and up the sides a little. (sorry I forgot to take a picture)

I then nestled my cartons into the box and made sure the garbage bag and the tops of the cartons were at the same height. This should help water proof the box.

Now my DS and I just need to keep the soil moist and in a sunny spot and we should have a nice crop of grass to display.


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    Thanks for the comments. I love the box too. I keep thinking of what I could use it for next. Hopefully the grass will grow in full and lush and I can nestle some easter eggs in it. I hope to post pictures later!

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    This was a great project to do with my son. He loved helping me hammer! What a great project for a boy, dirt and nails! I doesn’t get much better thn that.

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    what a wonderful way to ‘make memories’. i, too had grandparents that had a big ole’ barn. i have so many memories of playing in it. thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. i’ll have to come back to see how your box of grass does.
    blessings to you.

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