Homemade Nest

I was needing a nest to complete one of my Easter vignettes. I have been trying not to much money on decorations this year, hoping that our house will be selling soon. We are blessed to live on three wooded acres in the South so I have plenty of natural products available.

Here is how I did it. I am very pleased with the results. Now I just have to find the right eggs to complete it.

I gathered several vines and small branches. The vines I found have leaves all year and were small and pliable. My husband had just trimmed our lorepetelums (the purple branches) I used those for the small sticks I needed. I wanted to use “green” or live materials because it bends more without breaking.

I carefully slide my hand down each branch and vine to take the leaves off. This is my pile afterwards.

I then took about 3 vines and started wrapping them in a circle for the bottom. I used a piece of very thin wire to help hold the vines together.

I kept wrapping the vines in a nest shape using the wire to hold it together as I went. The wire is so small it is very hard to see. I had 4 pieces of wire that I used in 4 different places. After I had my nest formed and sturdy I wove some stick and vines in places that needed more and also that helped to hide the wire even more.

I love the way it turned out and that I was able to make it out of things from my yard. It is one of my favorite pieces this year


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