As you can see from the pictures, it has been a moving summer. We moved from our Mississippi home to a new home in East Tennessee. I have been busy getting the new house organized, having fun with my kids, getting used to the area and training to run my first 5K!

I am loving it here in Tennessee. My little boy started kindergarten last week, so now I seem to have endless time on my hands during the day. I go between loving it and hating it. The house is so quiet. After 15 1/2 years of having kids at home all day I must admit to enjoying a little bit of a break (between my bouts of crying because I feel so lonely). There are still dishes to do, bathrooms to clean and floors to mop, but I have time to craft and create. That’s the part I am loving. Time to craft and create. It is so much easier when it is quiet and you can let your mind wander and think of wonderful things to do. But for all that wonderful creating time I have I am so missing the noises of all 4 of my kids. What a joy they bring. They all have such wonderful and different talents, and make our home so full of life. They have been in school for 2 weeks here and I am really impressed with our school system. I can already see the kids growing and blossoming. They are loving it and conquering difficult classes. It won’t necessarily be an easy school year, but it sure will be a great one!
Look for a lot more projects to come in the future!

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