School Bus Cake

For the last few years I have had the tradition of having a school themed cake waiting for the kids after their first day of school. This bus cake is by far is their favorite one. I found the idea at Family fun magazine. I love getting ideas from them. Here is the link:

I must confess that I didn’t use all the different candies listed in their instructions for decorations. I did buy chocolate mini donuts for the wheels, Nilla wafers for the faces and a bag a gum drops for the lights and for the mouths on the faces. Because my family does not like the taste of black gel icing, I melted about 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in a freezer ziploc bag in the microwave. I put in on for 30 seconds, then squish it around, if it is still not melted, put it in for another 30 second, squish it around. continue to do this until until the chocolate chips are melted. Then snip off one corner and use that as your decorating tip. I used this for the bus grill, bus numbers, bus windows, and eyes, hair and noses of the people. I always like to put their actual bus number on the bus also. Because we use two buses in our family one side sported # 10 and the other #51. It really is an easy cake to make and the kids LOVE it! Have a great school year!


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