The room daughter #2 is sleeping is was once a formal living room and has glass french doors. She needed a little more privacy, so I frosted the window panes in a quick, easy and mess-less way!
I bought a roll of Contact paper, the “frosty” variety, at our local Home Depot of under $7
I measured a window and then cut some contact paper to fit. If you leave about half the paper on when you are first putting it on it helps to keep it from sticking everywhere.

After sticking the top of the paper in place, hold the bottom of the paper out at an angle and slowly smooth the contact paper down with a stiff, plastic card. Try your best to get all the bubbles out.

If you have any excess, take on exacto-knife and cut right along the edge.
Now my pre-teen has a lot more privacy and I can close the door and not look at her mess!

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