I have had a little space that needed some attention. I have been trying to warm up this room and found a little inspiration at the dollar store.

I found these decorative items while wandering through the dollar tree the other day. {The problem with the dollar store is that everything cost JUST a dollar! However,dollars add up fast and you end up spending way too much}
The colors fit my room. I had to trim them a bit and then tied them together with a twist tie. I used these rocks to help stabilize them in my container. {I am so glad to have a little boy who loves to collect rocks. They come in handy while decorating}
Last fall I found this great corbel shelf at a garage sale for .25! How could I pass that up. The milk glass I had in my decorating stash that I had found at a thrift store. I think I spent about $4 on this great little set up. Sometimes it doesn’t take much money to add some warmth to your space.

I love to have a decorating success. Everytime I look at this little wall it makes me smile.

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    I LOVE it! It looks perfect there – I don’t think I would have thought to use those items but it really looks fabulous & sounds like such a great deal! Double score!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am following back & can’t wait to see what you came up with for the thrift store find.


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    I don’t know how you have such a creative mind, I saw the bunch at the dollar tree a thousand times, and never do I have a clue what to do with them ;-).
    Thanks for stopping by. I am following you back.

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    Oooh, that corbel is so pretty! What a great score. I know what you mean about the $1 store! I’m pretty sure some of that stuff is not even worth $1!

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