How to get a popcorn fix

I am a fan of popcorn and a BIG fan of easy fixes. So, why not merge two of my favorite things to fix a problem I had. I have had this display up for a few months, but the sticks kept tipping over. I had put some rocks in the vase, but they were not working any more to keep those sticks in place and it was starting to drive my CRAZY! So I thought about what I had on hand that I had a lot of, was cheap and clean to use. I have a TON of popcorn (it is one of our favorite treats so I buy the big 50 pound bag at Sam’s for about $15). I stuck the sticks down in the vase and then poured popcorn kernels around the sticks. Fast, easy, cheap (three of my most favorite things) and the sticks are standing upright and will not fall down.

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