Creating a Gallery Wall

I have seen many ways and ideas of how to create a gallery wall, so since I am currently in the creation process of one I thought I would show you how I went about creating a gallery wall. I have had two large blank walls in my family room for over six months. They are HUGE spaces and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them and have the courage to actually do it. I gathered a bunch of frames that have been taking up space in my attic. I then spray painted them black or a pretty off white (I will show you in a later post). I was worried about how to make it look random and not too symmetrical, but still look organized (which can be difficult). After I had all the frames painted that I wanted to use, I took a large piece of paper and on one side listed the size of each of my white frames and what pictures were to be placed in them and on the other side I listed the black frames and what pictures were to be placed in those. I also wrote if the pictures were to be in black and white or in color. It may have been a little over the top, but it helped me to visualize and create and I did end up changing pictures around a bit. I also needed to order some enlargements and this helped me to know what pictures I had or needed to order and if I wanted them to be in color or not. Then, since I had the kids at home needing something to do, I had them grab newspaper out of the recycling bin and trace the outline of all the frames I had. I then wrote in big letters with marker the color of the frame and the picture that was going in it.

Then I lightly taped the newspapers up on the wall to give me a visual, and I was able to move things around to make it look like what I wanted. When I went to hang up the frames I used the paper to find where I needed to place the nails for each frame. It was a great tool and made the hanging go super fast since I didn’t have to measure every nail placement.

I don’t have pictures of the completed project because I am still waiting on some pictures to arrive. Everyday I am loving it more and more though. It makes it feel more warm and cozy, and more like it our house.

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