How to fix a broken toilet handle

 OK, fellow readers, I am going to share you something about my life that is driving me CRAZY!!!!  It is the toilets in our house.  I know I have been showing you some of the down and dirty around my house lately, but that is life as it is.  Our house that we moved into almost two years ago is 18 years old, so are the toilets.  They clog ALL the time (I am plunging at least once a week) and we have replaced ALL three (we have three bathrooms, all toilets are displaying the same systems) of the the flush handles.  This week I replaced one for the SECOND time.  So, since I have become such a toilet fixing expert, through no choice or desire of my own, I thought I would give you a tutorial on how to fix a broken toilet handle.
First, take your broken toilet “arm”, find this inside the toilet tank, to the hardware store to find the right size and make.
Grab a wrench and get to work!   It will only take a few minutes for success.
 The easiest way to approach this repair is to sit “backwards” on the toilet.  PLEASE remember to put the lid down first!  Remove the old handle and arm.  You will need the wrench to remove the plastic nut that is in the tank on the back of the handle, holding it in place.  There will be a plastic nut on your new  handle and arm assembly.  Take this off first.  I ALWAYS forget to do this.
 Thread your new handle/flush arm assembly through the whole.
At first I forgot to write the next step, because I ALWAYS forget to do it first.  Slip the plastic nut onto the arm and tighten it next to the handle.  (it will be in the tank)  It will fit snug against the tank wall.  Tighten it good with a wrench.  You don’t want your handle to be loose.

 Next thing to do is to slip the arm through the thing that causes the toilet to flush.  Sorry I am not up on my technical toilet terms.  The handle pulls this contraption up and lets the water flow into the toilet bowl.

Last thing to do is to test the flush.  See if it works, then put the lib back on.  
One of our home goals this year is to get NEW toilets.  Ones that will flush a bucket of golf balls (we saw these at Lowes!)


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