I have a horrible habit of picking up things from the side of the road.  I can’t bear to see good quality items just go to waste.  The problem is that they tend to sit around for weeks and months before finally getting around to doing something with it.
This particular treasure has sat in my garage for almost a year.  When I picked it up I had the idea to make a chalkboard out of it.  But with the 4th of the July quickly approaching I changed my plans.
To prep the door, I removed the hinges and then used painters tape to mask the edges.
I then quickly painted the background for my flag in white.  I had some semi-gloss trim paint out already so I just used that.  I didn’t worry about covering it with a solid coat of paint.  There were places where you could see a little of the wood showing through.
I then masked off for the blue back ground and stars.  I decided to portray the original flag with the 13 stars in the circle.  I used a glass as a template to get the stars right and star stickers.
Carefully apply blue paint.  Even being careful blue paint did get under some of the star stickers.
I touched up the stars with a toothpick dipped in the white back ground paint.  After the blue paint dries mask off the area for the stripes.  (make sure you know what order the stripes go in,  I had to do this twice because I THOUGHT i knew the right order,  REMEMBER a white stripe runs right under the blue star field.)  Also remember that the part that you mask off will be your white stripes.
Lightly paint on your red strip color and then carefully remove the painters tape.  On all of my paints I didn’t have complete coverage.  It makes it look older.
When I was done I decided that really I wanted to have a darker wood stain on the surrounding border.  I took some dark stain that I had and rubbed it over the exposed wood parts.  You can tell the difference it makes in the above picture.  Dark wood to me has a more classy look.
Now I have a great presentation piece for my mantel

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