Back-to-school Cupcake Bus

Years ago I started the tradition of having a back-to-school cake ready for the kids when they got home from school on the first day.  Our school system started Aug. 1 this year, so I wanted to share with you what I had waiting for my 4 cuties when they got home.
It was so cute and easy for them to eat.  I found it at Taste of Home.
I did these cupcakes last year.  They turned out super cute too.
You will need 22 cupcakes.  Arrange them on a tray (I covered a cookie sheet with foil).  The top row has 5 cupcakes, the next two rows have 6 cupcakes and the last row has 5 cupcakes.
I made up a batch of homemade frosting and tinted it yellow. Spread it thickly over all the cupcakes.
Next, pipe in the white windows and headlights.  Then out line the windows and bus lines, lights and stop sign in black.  Fill in with red frosting the stop sign and tail lights.  Stick vanilla wafers for the heads and decorate to resemble your children.  I used left over frosting, mini m&m’s.  The wheels are an oreo cookie.
It is a lot of fun to decorate and get creative in your kitchen.
Set your table up to really welcome your kids home.
It is sure to put a smile on their face, and make a great ending to their first day of school!
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