Easy Homemade Wendy’s Costume

 With Halloween just around the corner, we are in costume mode around our house.  My favorite costumes are those that are easy to make, don’t cost a lot of money and turn out oh so cute.  My daughter came up with this easy homemade Wendy’s costume for this year.
 My 15 year old has gorgeous, curly red hair.  Just perfect for being Wendy for Halloween.  I picked up a white and blue striped shirt at the thrift shop.  She had the skirt and apron. We just bought felt, ribbons for her hair and a pin to make the brooch.  We searched the internet for Wendy’s images and printed out a 2 inch circle for the brooch.  We then traced it on an empty cereal box and used 
Mod Podge to attach the image to the cardboard.  I hot glued a pin on the back a voila, we have a Wendy’s brooch.
We also used an image to cut the Wendy’s logo out of felt.  I basted it on to the apron with white thread.    I could have glued it on, but I wanted to have it easily removable so we can use the apron again.
This was such an easy costume, but I think it turned out great!



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