Mini Football Cupcakes

I love watching football in the Fall.  There is nothing better than quickly getting through the yard work in the morning, so that we can relax and watch a good football game all afternoon.  The best thing about watching football is the food.  This year we whipped up some fun, team inspired mini cupcakes.  Easy to make and Easy to eat.
You will need:
cake mix
teddy grahams
 We started with a chocolate boxed cake mix, baked in mini muffin tins.
 I made some of my favorite homemade frosting and colored it orange, green and white.  I simply put the icing in a disposable piping bag and cut the very tip off.  We used orange to pipe on the Tennessee jersey’s on some teddy grahams.
 With the white frosting we made the helmets and a power T on the front of the jersey.  You could also put a  number on the jersey.
 The teddy graham football players turned out so cute!  
 Now we have a full team on the platter.
 This team makes a perfect display for a tailgating party.
 You could also make these on regular sized cupcakes or a whole cake and turn it into a football field.
 We also added yard lines onto the cupcakes.
 The kids loved making these and eating them.  They are so easy to pop into your mouth!
 mini football cupcakes


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