Titanic Museum: Pigeon Forge, Amazing Visit!

Thank you! to the Titanic Museum Attraction for hosting my family on our trip experience. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own. 
My family is enjoying a long Fall break from school.  I like to keep the kids engaged in fun activities, and if they can learn a little something along the way it is so much better.  We have been wanting to check out the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN for sometime.  We see it every time we drive down  the parkway.  That grand ship that is so full of mystery.  The Titanic Museum was kind enough to give our family complimentary tickets to see what treasures were hidden inside this massive ship.
As we came up to enter the ship we were kindly greeted by a young lady in period costume and everyone was given a boarding pass that held the identity of an actual person who was aboard the Titanic.  They coordinate it to gender and age (adult or child).  There is a short biography about the person and how they travelled (1st class, 2nd or 3rd class) and at the end you get to see if you survived.  You may even be lucky enough to have a person who has some memorabilia in the museum that you can look at and find out more of their story.
I was very impressed that the museum had so much information for the children to enjoy on their level. We were each given an audio device that we could listen to different stories in different areas.  They have adult audio stories and children’s stories, so everyone can learn and explore on their level.  Also, on the back of the children’s boarding pass there are questions (like a scavenger hunt) that they can look for to find.  Then they get to scratch off the answer to see if they are correct.
There were also several interactive areas to enjoy.  This one shows the angle of the ship as it was sinking and how it changed in just a few minutes.  You can climb up on it and see what it felt like.  It gets pretty steep.
The telegraph interactive area was one of my favorites.  It teaches you how to send a message by tapping out dots and dashes and then you get to try your hand at it.  I must admit I got pretty good and was probably the best in our group.  It was a fun experience and I enjoyed tapping out our names to send a distress call.
The Grand Staircase was simply breathtaking.  We were waiting for some of our group to catch up, so I was able to sit on a bench and drink in the glory of this room.  We enjoyed one of the staff telling us about the workmanship of the staircase elements and I was simply amazed at the material that they used for the floor that was the talk of the town.
My favorite part of the tour was the starry night deck where you could feel how cold the water was that night.  I stuck my hand in quickly to feel and it was frigid.  Then I held my hand under as I counted to 10 really quick and my hand HURT!  It ached for minutes afterward and I kept commenting that my hand was still cold.  I don’t know how people could endure it.  It was miserable just sticking my hand in for a few seconds.  
I enjoyed learning the stories of different individuals that were on board.  Each has a different tale and each are important.  It brings a personal quality to the Titanic that I have never had before.  It is a well done experience that draws you into all the aspects of the Titanic story, and you start to realize that this was truly a real event that happened to real people.
At the end you enter the memorial room where you learn your fate.  Did your person survive the sinking of the Titanic, or were they forever remembered as one of its victims?  Out of 7 in our party, 4 of us survived.
We spent over 2 1/2 hours exploring the museum and we were engaged with wonderful information the entire time.  The Titanic story is timeless.  It is intriguing, mysterious and tragic.  A story that you can keep exploring over and over.  It pulls at the heart strings and you want to know more.  The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is a wealth of information in which you can learn about this historic event.  We had 7 people in our family go ranging in age 8-60 and all were touched and everyone learned.  In fact, we talked about it most of the way home.   As soon as we walked in the door my teenagers went to the TV and turned on the Titanic Movie right away.  My younger kids still talk about the person whose identity they had and my son has drawn a picture of the Grand Titanic in all its glory.  This is the type of activity I love my family to participate in.  One that is entertaining yet educational.  An experience that will get the mind moving.  This is one family activity that we will definitely recommend and remember.


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    Sounds like a great experience! I love that you got to feel how cold the water was on that night. I bet it really helps to understand what the passengers had to endure. Glad you had a good visit to the museum!
    Kristin @ Dizzy Busy and Hungry

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