Easy Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

Beaded Christmas tree ornament tutorial.  An easy fun project to do while watching Christmas movies #christmas #DIY #ornament


Last week I had a Christmas party to attend where we were going to have an ornament exchange.  I always love to make my own ornaments to make them unique and memorable.  This beaded Christmas tree turned out so elegant,  I love it.  Beading always takes more time than I think it will, but I had a great time beading and watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  I also took these ginger cookies to the party.  You really should check out the recipe.

christmas tree ornament tutorialThe first think I did was to make my frame.  I had some heavy craft wire in my stock.  I think it must be about a 16 gauge.  It is pretty tough.  I used a cookie cutter to make my design, bending the wire with needle nose pliers and my fingers, attaching the ends together.

christmas tree ornament tutorialWith 26 gauge wire I started beading.  I cut a long piece, attached one end to my frame and added beads as I went.  I used different color browns for the trunk, placing them on the front of the frame and then wrapping the wire around the back.  Then I simply added green and red beads and zig zagged in every direction, until I was happy with the way it looked.  I finished it off by adding gold beads in a loop at the top for the star and for a place for the hook.  I then cut off the excess wire and wrapped  it several times around the the base of the loop.

christmas tree ornament tutorialIt looks so elegant on the tree.  I hope the person who took this home appreciates its loveliness.





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