Potted Mini-Christmas tree

My husband and I received this tree over 19years ago. It was a door prize at a Christmas dinner held for our married student housing complex. I remember being excited to have another decoration to add to our measly supply. It was also the perfect size for our TINY apartment. We have kept it over the years even though our Christmas decorations have grown to include many, many boxes of treasures.I love the memories of this little tree, but I thought it could use an update.
In my stash of decorating supplies I found this urn that I had painted black. I also had stuffed it with some floral foam, glued some moss on top and added a little bit of grapevine. I originally used it to decorate my windowsill. I had a beautiful red apple sitting on it, but now it is the base to my potted mini-Christmas tree
I simply took off the plastic base, and then stuck the tree deep down in the florist foam. Now it helps to decorate my master bath. I love it here because it reminds me of those first few wonderful Christmases with my Husband. It also turned a ordinary mini-tree into an elegant piece.


potted mini-christmas tree


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