Dollywood’s Fire Chaser Express!

firechaser express

“We received admission to DollyWood, but all opinions are my own”

My husband and I had the most amazing day at Dollywood today.  It was the official opening of the new dual launch roller coaster the “Fire Chaser Express”.  Dolly herself launched the ride herself with the help of a bucket brigade and complete with fireworks.  


The roller coaster is well done.  Perfect for kids.  I know my 8 and 11 year old especially will love this coaster.  It is much more thrilling than the kiddie rides, but not as intense as other roller coasters.  It starts out at an amazing rate of speed, the tag line is “zero to hero in 1.1 seconds, and they mean it.  All of a sudden you are out on the track going fast and screaming in delight.  The track is nice and smooth which I loved.  Towards the end of the ride is a great surprise and the coaster launches you backwards!  I loved it and I know my kids will love this ride also.  It will probably be the first thing we head to when we go to the park.


While in line they have some great decor to look at and complete the experience.  I loved this old firehouse display.  Also, there is a water fountain at one point in the queue that will be well appreciated in the summer.  ( I appreciated it today!)


As on of the first riders, I received my very own certificate for saving the day!  

Dollywood treated us wonderfully with a great lunch complete with goody bags from the Fire Chaser Express.

firechaserexpress3 To top off a great day, we were treated to a new confection that you can find at DollyWood.  Fire Chaser Express Dippin Dots  in Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb!  It has a sweet surprise of pop rocks in it.  What an amazing sensation to have dippin dots AND pop rocks in your mouth at the same time.  


Dollywood is one of our favorite destinations in the Smoky Mountains.  We love to take the family in all the seasons.  It is a great family park, with something that will appeal to everyone.  They have great food, great shows, great rides and great festivals.  It is a definite must stop when you are in Pigeon Forge!

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