Wilderness at the Smokies: Adventure Forest



Recently, my family and I took a quick family vacation to Wilderness at the Smokies.  It is a wonderful indoor water park that our kids love to visit.  while we were there our family was treated to all-day passes to the Adventure Forest.  Adventure Forest is an indoor adventure center that is a perfect place to take a break from water activities.  There are a variety of activities to choose from, which will appeal to all ages.  My favorite was the bowling at “Howlin’ Hound Dog alley”.  It was fun to try and knock down all the pins with a small bowling ball with no finger holes.  You just fling it down the lane and hope for the best.  I spent the most time here. 

wilderness 2My kids loved racing each other to the top on the rock climbing wall, “Mount Wild”.  It is no easy feat and will work your muscles, but it is super fun.  Especially when you make it to the top and get to ring the bell.

wilderness 3

“Tree Top Towers” is a wonderful ropes course that sits high above the Mega Arcade.  I think my son had the most fun here.  You can just go and go and go as long as you like, trying all the different challenges.  There are some that really test your fear of heights and balancing skills, but it is also a lot of fun.  Be aware to take part in these activities you need to wear pants/shorts, shirt and closed-toed shoes.

There are also several other activities available on the adventure forest pass. Things like a laser maze, indoor mini-golf, and a fun little ride “Dare Devils drop”. My family had a great time trying out all these activities.  It was a perfect break from being in the water all the time.  For current times and prices please visit the Wilderness Website


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