Back To School Bus Cake

lego school bus cake pin

Yesterday was the first day back to school for my kids.  I know it is early, but at the end of 9 weeks we get a glorious 2 week Fall break.  For years I have made them a back to school cake for them to celebrate.  They love coming home to see what I have created.  Their favorite is the Back to School bus cake (instructions here).  This year I decided to change it up and add LEGO mini-figures to represent them.  Each one of them laughed when they saw it.  I think they liked it.  My frosting got a little soft, so the bus looks a little “droopy” but it was great just the same.  At the bottom of the post are links to other back to school cakes I have done.  I hope the first day of school for you is a great as ours was!

lego school bus cake


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