Chex Mix Popped

Chex mIx


“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.”

At our house we are always looking for fun snacks.  Something that is easy to grab and great to eat.  Chex Mix has long been a favorite of ours and now Chex Mix has put a new twist on a great snack: Chex Mix Popped.  They have added popcorn to the mix so now it is part popcorn and part chex mix, you can’t go wrong.  It is a delicious combination.  My son loves to play legos and snack.  He comes home and heads straight for the Legos and asking for a snack.  The Chex Mix Popped sweet & salty mix was just right for him.  (And me, we opened up the bag and just kept eating it was so good!)

chez mix 3


My handsome husband loves to snack while walking around.  He is a pacer, back and forth, back and forth and Chex Mix Popped White Cheddar is perfect to carry around and snack on.

chex mix

My daughter loves to relax to some t.v. after school and a good snack.  It was hard to get her to share some Chex Mix popped with me, but eventually I talked her into it.

  My favorite flavor was the sweet & salty.  I loved the caramel popcorn mixed in with the Chex Mix.  So good, I could not stop eating it!  Before I knew it the bag was empty and I was wanting more. 

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