How to Choose the Perfect Watermelon

how to choose the perfect watermelon. 3 easy tipsOne of the things I love best about Summer is the wonderful watermelons that we get to eat.  There is nothing like cutting open a watermelon and smelling that sweet, summer smell, so unique to watermelons and seeing the bright red watermelon flesh speckled with shiny black seeds.  I always take a deep breath to breath in as much as I can when I cut open a watermelon and then cut a little piece right from the heart to taste how good it is. It is so refreshing, wonderful and mouthwatering.  As wonderful as watermelon is, it is so disappointing to cut into one only to find it over-ripe and grainy (gross!)  or not fully ripened. Over the years I have gathered and developed a few tips for how to pick out the perfect watermelon so I won’t be disappointed.

I prefer the taste and texture of a seeded watermelon, so I always buy those.  However, these tips can be use for all types of watermelons.


How to choose the perfect Watermelon:

-Look for a melon that is uniform in shape

(don’t choose one that is skinny on one side and fat on the other)

-Look at the bottom to make sure it has a good healthy, deep, yellow color

(you don’t want to much “whitish” yellow, or no yellow at all.  I have found that no yellow= over ripe melon)

-Choose a melon that is heavy for its size

(We all know watermelons are heavy, but you want the watermelon that looks heavy and then STILL surprises you with how heavy it is.  If I have two good looking melons, I always choose the one that is heaviest for its size.  This means that it is nice and juicy)

I have been using these tips for years with much success.  The best watermelons are found in July and August when they are at their peak. 

I hope these tips help you pick out the best watermelon of the summer!

Take the guess work out of choosing a watermelon.  With these 3 easy tips that will help you pick a ripe, juicy watermelon every time.



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    Thank you. I’m in Texas. Love watermelons and never have known how to choose one. I keep one in the fridge all the time and we slice them in a circle one slice at a time on a plate and eat them that way.

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    Marnie Schwartz says

    I was told by a farmer to look for a patch of lightened skin because that’s where it rested on the ground, which is important, for some reason. Works very well with cantaloupe.

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    I just started getting into watermelon again now that they’re back in the grocery stores. Love them! I didn’t realize there was a science to picking out the best one. This is really helpful! :)

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    Susan says

    It’s always been hit or miss for me choosing watermelons. Looking forward to trying out your tips on my next grocery store trip. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party on Organized 31.

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    Marcella says

    I was told to look for bee stings on the ends of the watermelon the more it has the sweeter it will be. Also make sure your press it, if it feels lumpy don’t buy it

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