Harry Potter Halloween Mantel

 Harry Potter Halloween Mantel.  #harrypotter #fall #halloween

My kids love to decorate for Halloween.  We have spider webs, pumpkins and scarecrows all over the house.  But their favorite decor to put up is the Harry Potter Halloween mantel.  To start with we put up our back drop of my over-sized pumpkin picture I painted a few years ago.  I had also taken some old books I picked up at the thrift store for 10 cents a piece and “renamed” them after books from Harry Potter.  Titles include “Quidditch”, “Hogwart’s: A History”, “Potions”, “spells”, and of course “Magical Me”.


harry potter mantel 

By far their favorite decoration to put up on the mantle is the potion rack.  I picked up this spice rack on the side of the road a couple of years ago and thought it would make a perfect rack for some Halloween potions.  We have a few things that stay in there year after year, but every year the kids grab a bottle and head to the kitchen to whip up a concoction.  They put in spices, food coloring, oil, water and anything else they can think of to make a ghastly mixture.  It is so fun for them and they come up with some great potions that could pass for poison I am sure.

harry potter mantel 3

To round out the mantel we have a quill and ink bottle, a black candle a few pumpkins, an owl and of course a broom stick.  It is such a fun way to decorate for Halloween and everyone who comes to our house loves to look at it and see what all is up there.  

On the other side of the room I have some shelves with some simple Fall decor.

harry potter mantel 4

harry potter big pin



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