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I love it when my mouth feels clean, fresh and wonderful.  For the past few weeks my family has been using some LISTERINE products to help us develop better oral care habits.  At the end of the day, before I go to sleep,  I love to do a good, thourough brushing, flossing and rinse.  I have flossed regularly for years, but I know that I could do an even better job.  When I opened this LISTERINE GENTLE GUM CARE FLOSS  I was a bit perplexed because the floss was in two strands twisted together and it looked thick! 

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I thought for sure that it would get horribly stuck in-between my teeth.  However, I was shocked and amazed when I used it.  It slipped right in-between my teeth and was SO gentle on my gums.  It was a delight to floss.  Plus it removed the things it needed to.  I also enjoyed the mint flavor, because I love to have a good minty taste in my mouth.  
listerine 12Another LISTERINE product that we have really enjoyed using is the LISTERINE  HEALTHY WHITE GENTLE MOUTH RINSE.  I think every time he uses it he says “I really like this stuff!”  He is right.  It is wonderful.  I have used mouth rinses off and on, but I have found myself using, and wanting to use this one everyday.  It is that amazing!  It doesn’t burn your mouth at all, but leaves you with this amazingly fresh feeling, like your mouth is truly clean.  This may be my favorite LISTERINE product I have tried.  I feel like my mouth sparkles after I use this rinse.

listerine 10I have also been encouraging my kids to use mouth rinse more.  LISTERINE has some great kids rinses that help remove left over bacteria in their mouth.  We have been using the LISTERINE SMART RINSE in the Barbie version and the kids have enjoyed it.  I like the fact that I feel like they are cleaning their mouth better when they use it.  That is one thing we try and work hard on in our house, is to take good care of our mouthes to try and prevent cavities. It always helps get a job done right when you have good and proper tools to help you to do the job, and LISTERINE has some fabulous tools to use.

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