LISTERINE Heroic Habits

listerine heroic habits

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Now that the kids are back in school full swing we have settled down into a good routine.  Part of that routine is brushing teeth morning and night and using floss during our bedtime brushing.  Oral care is something that has been an important part of my life always, though I have paid better attention to it in the last few years. My paternal grandfather was a dental technician, which means he made the crowns and bridges etc for dentists.  I remember going into his lab to watch him or my dad and uncles create these masterpieces.  In my grandmother’s bathroom hung a black and white photograph taped to the mirror of a smile with perfect, white, straight teeth.  This was my grandmother’s smile, the picture was one used for advertising their dental business.  Also in my grandmother’s bathroom there was always a bottle of LISTERINE mouth rinse.  Sometimes my cousins and I would sneak into the bathroom and get the rinse and see who could hold a capful of it in their mouth the longest.  It was fun, and I can still remember the clean fresh feeling that LISTERINE left in my mouth.

I was very intrigued to be able to tryout some of the new LISTERINE products that the company offers now.  I have been trying the LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE mouth rinse and I can say I am impressed.  It advertises to be gentle and it is.  It still has the strong LISTERINE flavor and cleaning power, but it feels gentle.  After I use it, my mouth feels so clean and fresh, I love it.  This rinse safely whitens, kills bad breath germs, prevents cavities, helps prevent tooth decay, restores enamel, removes and prevents tough tooth stains, all while being gentle.

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I am also a big fan of flossing and have been trying to teach my family to do the same.  For me my bedtime brushing does not feel complete until I floss.  I have flossed for most of my adult life, but it has only been in the last few years that I have gotten my husband on board and we are now teaching and encouraging our children to do the same.  One of my husband’s favorite thing to tell the kids when they whine about flossing is “you will have more money to go on fun vacations when you have your own family if you take care of your teeth now.  You will thank me one day”.  Its true.  I think about how much money we have spent as a family on dental bills because of cavities.  Something we can work to prevent.  Then I think, ” Oh what fun we could have had with that money!”  So, we as a family have been paying more attention to our oral care and getting better results.  I tried the LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE FLOSS and enjoyed using it.  It is more like a tape than floss, which takes some getting used to, but it did get the job done in fine fashion.  Listerine Healthy White floss has a baking soda ingredient to help fight stains.  It also has micro-groove technology to help remove plaque better.  It is the perfect companion for the HEALTHY WHITE rinse.

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I try and keep my mouth feeling fresh with these good oral care habits, but sometimes I need a refresher on the go.  LISTERINE POCKETPAKS are perfect for on the go breath freshening.  They come in the cutest little plastic case that can easily slip in your pocket or purse.  So not only are they discreet and perfect on the go, but they freshen your breath and kill 99% of bad breath germs.  I love these things, because they make my mouth feel LISTERINE fresh.


I feel like we are fairly good at oral care in our home.  I know that I could be more vigilant with my younger two in making sure they are taking a good amount of time in brushing and flossing.  I should check on my teenager for that matter.  I know that when my mouth is happy and comfortable, my whole day goes better.  

To find where you can buy LISTERINE products click here.  To find out more about LISTERINE products please visit their website.  To check out ways to help build heroic habits for your family check out the LISTERINE youtube channel.


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    cozette says

    I loved your stories! You should try writing a book or short stories. Your blog makes me want to take care of my teeth better. Daddy has been using listerine for years, he likes the total care. I think I will get some of those fresh strips.

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