Dollywood’s 30th Anniversary!

“My family was given admission to Dollywood, however, as always, all opinions are my own”
dollywood-30-years-7During spring break I was able to take the kids to one of our favorite fun places, Dollywood.  This day was extra special because we were able to see Dolly Parton herself announce all the grand going’s on for Dollywood’s 30th anniversary celebration.

dollywood-30-yearsWe waited patiently for Dolly to take the stage.  While waiting we were entertained by several acts that are performing right now for Dollywood’s Festival of Nations.  All of the acts were amazing.  My kids were entertained by each one and wanted to see more.  The Festival of Nations is running from March 21-April 20.  I highly recommend going.  There are several countries from around the globe showcaseing everything from entertainment, exotic cusine and authentic craftsmanship.  You can attend a cultural show or shop in a fun booth and purchase something made in another country.dollywood-30-years-10We were excited to hear about all the fun that will be happening this year at Dollywood.  I can’t believe it has been 30 years since it opened!  I remember going to Dollywood on a band trip the first year it was opened.  I had so much fun with my friends.  My favorite ride was the Smoky Mountain River Rampage and we rode it over and over.


Dolly announced that to help celebrate the 30th anniversary Dollywood will feature 30 new things in the park.  Some of those include new and upgraded parking and tram stops, 6 new shows, the return of the Showcase of Stars and of course the opening of DreamMore in the summer.dreammoreAlong with 30 new things in the park, each month there will be something new going on for the anniversary celebration.  It is going to be a fun year at the park!

dollywood-30-years-2We sure enjoyed our time in the park also.  The favorite spot for my kids was at the Jumbie Jams, a Festival of Nations booth.  They have steel drum instruments that you can try out and buy if you fall in love with them.  They sound like the steel drums from the Caribbean and have such a wonderful sound, and are easy to play.  They make you smile whenever you play them.  The kids kept going back for more.


 We ate lunch at Miss Lillian’s Chicken House and it was such a treat!  It is an all you can eat buffet featuring fried chicken and country fried steak.  The best part, however, is Miss Lillian herself.  Miss Lillian is quite a character and will keep you entertained and smiling during your meal.  Be sure you don’t leave the chicken house without getting a chicken blessing.  Our lunch at Miss Lillian’s was the highlight of our day.  

Here is what my children said was their favorite part of our Dollywood visit:

Karlee (16)- “My favorite part of Dollywood was eating at Miss Lillian’s Chicken House.  The food was amazing!  The entertainment was also amazing.  Miss Lillian is hilarious.  The restaurant is family friendly just like the park itself.  It definitely was my favorite part of my amazing Dollywood experience.”

Kara (12)- “I loved riding the roller-coaster “Mystery Mine”.  It was scary, but fun especially where is goes straight up and straight down.  I also love feeding the ducks and fish at the pond.”

Carter (9)- “I liked eating at Miss Lillian’s because it’s fun to be there with your family and it is a good place to eat.  It is good because every so often they bring out new food and you can try different things.   It is fun to be entertained by Miss Lillian while you are eating.  She is fun.” 

As I was walking through Dollywood with my kids I thought “Dollywood just makes me smile”.  It is such a fun place with something for everyone.  The shows are spectacular, the food delicious and the rides are thrilling.  Along with catching a show or two, we always take time to go ride some of the roller-coasters.  The FireChaser Express is my favorite and it is the first coaster we head to.  It is perfect roller-coaster for families.  If you are looking for a place to take the family for a great day of family fun Dollywood is a must see.dollywood-30-years-pin




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    I remember seeing Dollywood on the news a few years ago (maybe it was for the 25th anniversary). Before that, I hadn’t even known it existed, but it looks really cool. I’m glad you and your kids had a great time!

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