Easy Snacks for the Family

snack share saveAs I look outside I see that the weather is starting to become beautiful.  Our Dogwood and Redbud trees are blooming which means Spring and warmer weather are on their way.  For our house that also means that the kids are more active outside playing, visiting the park and enjoying sporting activities.  I love it when we get to be outside more, it is good for the soul and the body.  Enjoying the outdoors also gives the kids a big appetite and they are always wanting a snack.  I make sure to keep the pantry stocked with good snacks that will keep them satisfied and a few fun snacks also.  

Some of our favorites are Klondike Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fiber One Chewy Bars and Quaker Protein Baked bars.  They are so handy because they are grab and go.  I like to keep a basket full of snack bars that the kids can go to whenever they need a pick me up.  We are on the go so often I always keep some chewy bars in my van for whenever the kids get hungry.  It is easy to whip one out and keep the hunger at bay.

share snack save 3The Quaker Protein Baked bars are delicious.  I loved that they were hearty and tasty and I felt like I was having a good, satisfying snack.  They also were not too sweet.

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Klondike Ice Cream Bars are the perfect cool treat on a hot day.  We love these 100 calorie bars as fun sweet treat.

Right now you can find Savings at Publix  with a $5 digital coupon on some of these favorite handy snacks: Fiber One Chewy Bars, Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits Chex Mix Snack Mix, Chex Mix Chips, Chex Muddy Buddies, Chex Popped, Cascadian Farms Cereals and Granola, Chex Gluten Free Granola Cereal and Nature Valley Protein Granola, Yoplait Greek 100 and Greek 100 Whips, Quaker Real Medleys Bars Bars, Protein Baked Bars, Pepsi-Cola 16.9oz bottle 6-pack, Frito-Lays 6-Packs: Lays, Sun Chips, Fritos, Doritos, Klondike Bars or Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ben & Jerry’s Cups.  Just to name a few.

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    I love the fiber one bars and recently fell for these granola and yogurt bars from Quaker. I prefer the blueberry and yogurt ones! Love them!


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