Fresh Spring Shelf Decor

spring shelf 4

After decorating for all the Winter holidays I was ready for some Spring freshness on my shelves.  Decorating shelves can be difficult, and truthfully I don’t know if I am all the way done with this set of shelves.  They sit in my dining room, so I walk by them all the time.  I like to decorate and play around with it until I find what I really like.  It is always changing and I like that.  
spring shelf

The first thing I do is gather things that I think would go well on the shelf and then try them out in different combinations.  It is ok if something looks bad, just change it, don’t be worried about making a mistake.  There are no mistakes.  This should be fun and not stressful. Go for what YOU like.  It is a great way to use your creativity.

spring shelf 7

This sweet flower painting was done by my daughter a few years ago for Mother’s Day.  It is perfect on the shelf, but I wasn’t loving the black frame.  So couple of coats of blue craft paint and some antiquing made it fit in a lot better.  Don’t be afraid to change the color of frames.  You can always paint back over it and it can really make a difference in your vignette.

spring shelf 8

I have also found that adding greenery to your decor makes a world of difference.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, (or even real), but it makes your home look inviting.  I have two pothos plants on these shelves that I have grown from one plant.  On the top shelf the stems are in water growing their roots, waiting the be transplanted.  The bottom shelf I transplanted a few months ago into an ironstone pot I picked up at the thrift store.  I love the plant in this pot.  I think it looks cute and sophisticated at the same time.

spring shelf 3

Adding just a bit of green warms up the whole house.  It you watch TV or look at any decor magazines, there is always some sort of greenery in the picture.  Remember that as you decorate.   It is a small thing that adds so much to your space.  Right now I am loving how these shelves look.  I may move them around in a week or so, but right now they are perfect for me.  They look fresh, clean and not cluttered.  A perfect look for Spring.

spring shelf pin

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