Rock City

“My family was given admission to Rock City, however, all opinions are my own”
rock-city-8I have seen barns, pictures and bird houses advertising “See Rock City” all of my life, but I have never taken the opportunity to “See Rock City”.  On a recent trip to Chattanooga, our family finally got the chance.  I was AMAZED at all Rock City was.  Truly, I had no idea what all it offered.

rock-city-4I thought that Rock City was a just a great lookout place that offers a view of 7 states, which is incredible in itself.  But, it is so much more.  Put your walking shoes on and I will show just a little of what Rock City is.

rock-city-2After going through the gift shop you find yourself in a magical land formed by big boulders, rocks, trees, and moss.  As soon as I stepped on the path a big smile spread across my face and I knew this would be a good day even though it was a little rainy and cold.

rock-cityThe path feels enchanted as you weave your way through massive rock formations and enjoy beautifully planted gardens.  The path is 4100 feet in total lenght, so be prepared with comfortable shoes, but it takes you on an amazing journey.  My kid’s favorite place was “fats man’s squeeze”.  I think they liked the name and how narrow it was.

rock-city-5There is also a magnificent water fall to enjoy (it was colored green for St. Patrick’s Day).  We loved the swinging bridge too.  There are many man made wonders built from stone that make it even more magical.  It seems that at every turn the kids were rushing ahead excited to show us something amazing.


Fairyland caverns is a lot of fun also.  It has little scenes from Fairytales that are lit with black lights to make them glow.  Each one was so fun to see as you wandered through the caverns.

I truly don’t have the words describe how much our family enjoyed Rock City.  We went not knowing what to expect and throughly wore ourselves out enjoying it.  See Rock City is a must if you are anywhere near Chattanooga, TN.  You will not be disappointed!  Rock City also offers several fun events through out the year for even more magic including: Fairytale nights and enchanted garden of lights.


 See Rock City!  An amazing place for the kids and family to explore!






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    I haven’t been to Rock City in many years. Now I want to go back. I don’t think my husband has been at all. This would make a nice weekend trip. The last time I went, we ate at in a train dining car but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. Looks like a fun day for your family.

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    How fun! Looks like such a cool place and I love the waterfalls. I haven’t been out there so now I’ll have to add it to my list. Love the red barn too.


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