Easy School Bus Cake

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I can’t believe it is time for School again.  Summer went way too quickly for me.  It is family tradition for me to make a school bus cake while the kids are at school.  I usually find myself running to the grocery store as soon as the kids are at school and I am dressed, to pick up the mini-donuts, mini-m&m’s and vanilla wafers.  Then I finish the cake just before they walk in the door.  They are always anxious to see how their faces turned out.  

school bus 9

The idea came from family fun magazine, and I just put my own touch on it.  I used a standard cake mix and split the batter between 2, well greased loaf pans.  Bake until done.  Cool completely.
 Stack the cooled cakes on top of each other, and cut off about 1/3 of the top cake.  Now you are set to frost the cake.  I used my standard recipe (leave out the cocoa).  I tinted it yellow, brown, black, red and left some white.
school bus 6
I used vanilla wafers for the heads with mini M&M’s for the eyes, use the color of your children’s eyes.  I like to decorate the faces and hair to resemble my kids.  They always get a laugh at what they turn out like.
school bus 7
 Decorate with the different colored frostings to your hearts content.  Add a bus number, or your school district.  Head lights and tail lights are easy too.  It is such a fun thing to have waiting for your kids when they get home from their first day of school!
school bus 8The other tradition with this cake is that every gets a bus tire (donut) and everyone eats their own face!  It is the perfect way to end the first day of school.
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