6 Easy Back to School Treats

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Back to School time is upon us.  The kids are getting new clothes, new books and new schedules.  Every year I like to surprise the kids with a fun treat when they get home from their first day of school.  These are some of our favorite treats from over the years.

Easy school bus cake.  Make the bus riders look like your kids.  www.creativesouthernhome.com


This Easy School Bus Cake is our favorite.  I have several versions that I have done.

Easy School Bus cupcake cake.  Easy to make and easy to serve.  www.creativesouthernhome.com

Back to School Cupcake Bus. Easy to make and Easy to serve

Fun School Bus Cakes.  The kids will love them. www.creativesouthernhome.com

Back to School Bus cupcakes

Easy Back to School Bus cake.  www.creativesouthernhome.comSchool Bus Cake

Easy ABC cupcakes.  Great for Back to School www.creativesouthernhome.com

Super Easy Back to School Cupcakes

Lego mini-figure Back to School Bus cake

LEGO Mini-figure School Bus Cake

6 easy back to school treats.  Celebrate Back to School with these simple ideas . www.creativesouthernhome.com

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