Locker Bling for Under $5

easy locker blingSince my kids started Kindergarten, they have looked forward to the day when they would have lockers.  Now they all have lockers and what is more fun than to add a little bling to them to make your locker your own.  The stores are full of all sorts of accouterments to fancy up a locker, but they also carry a fancy price tag.

easy locker bling

 I wanted to dress up my daughter’s locker without spending a lot of money.  I was able to do this set-up for under $5.  I gathered things I had around my house, took a quick visit to Hobby Lobby and a thrift store and let my imagination create.  Look around for what you can re-use or recycle.  I picked up the small frame from a thrift store for 50 cents.  The can was from the recycle bin.  I did use a small canvas that I had, but you could use some cardboard to paint artwork on.  

easy locker blingFor the pencil holder, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the size of the can and then modpodged the paper on.

easy locker blingLet it dry and then glue on a strong magnet with a strong adhesive.  For your magnets: things that will be heavy like the pencil holder, you will need a strong magnetic, they can be found at Hobby Lobby (use your coupon!).  For light weight items like the artwork, I used an advertising magnet I got in the mail.  I cut it to size and glued it on.

easy locker blingI modpodged on paper to my wooden K also.  I had this wooden letter, but you could also cut out a letter from cardboard (a cereal box would work).  It will look just as good once you add the paper.

easy locker bling

I forgot to take pictures of the clipboard.  I found this at Hobby Lobby.  I modpodged on the paper and then while the modpodge on the top of the paper was still wet I added a scrap piece of burlap I had.  Press it down firmly and it will adhere nicely.  Do not put any modpodge on top of the burlap.  It doesn’t need it.  It is a great place to keep reminders, fun notes or pictures.

easy locker bling

The picture frame, I painted to match the color scheme and added a fun picture.  All these projects were simple, easy and fun, plus not expensive.  A fun way to personalize your locker! 

Dress up your locker and make it your own for under $5.





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