Spruce Flats Falls Hike- Great Smoky Moutains

spruce flat falls 6My family and I stumbled upon a wonderful hike in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park the other day.  When we hike with our kids, we like to find a destination to hike to, like a cabin or a waterfall.  Something for them to set their sites on and have fun exploring when they get there.

spruce flat falls 2We were picnicking in the Tremont area, just outside of Townsend, TN, when discovered a great hike to Spruce Flats Falls.  To get to Tremont: When coming in from Townsend, follow the road to the Y-intersection with signs to Gatlinburg or Cades Cove. Turn right towards Cades Cove, then immediately you will see a sign indicating the road to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute. Turn left across the bridge and follow the Tremont road 2 miles (you will cross two, two-lane bridges) to the Institute turning left across the 1-lane bridge

This hike is not on any official Smoky Mountain park map, so it was a treat for us to find it.  You can find directions for the hike posted on a bulletin board outside the Tremont gift shop.

spruce flat falls 9This hike is approximately 1 mile to the Falls, so a 2 mile round hike.

spruce flat falls 2It starts out pretty easy, but it does have some steep parts.  Nothing too daunting, just not an easy stroll.

spruce flat falls 3There are some fun sets of stairs along the way.  The kids loved discovering them.  There was one set of stairs that was made from just one log, with stairs cut into it.  Pretty cool.

spruce flat falls 4Oh wow, the views on this trail were incredible, even in the Summertime with all the leaves on the trees.  I enjoy being able to see other mountains across the way.  I know that this hike would be gorgeous in the Fall also.

spruce flat falls 7

Along the way there are many different wonders of Nature to appreciate.  At some points the trail gets pretty rocky, and there are huge boulders perfect for snapping a picture.

spruce flat falls

Finally you arrive at Spruce Flats Falls.  What a great water fall.  There is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy an hour or two basking in this beautiful place.  Spruce Flats Falls hike was perfect for our family because it is only 1 mile to a gorgeous waterfall.  It took us about 45 minutes to hike to the Falls with the kids, but we explored and enjoyed along the way.  If you are every in the Tremont area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park be sure and give this hike a try!

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Spruce Flats Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains.  A 2 mile round trip hike that is a perfect family hike.  www.creativesouthernhome.com

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