Vampire Pudding Cups

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ReadySetSnack #CollectiveBiashersheys pudding 8Halloween season is here and that means it is time for fun food and fun treats.  Every year I like to create fun dinner foods and cute treats for my kids and to take to parties.

hersheys pudding store While shopping at Walmart last week I saw delicious looking Hershey’s ready to eat pudding cups.  I knew that the Hershey’s pudding would be delightful to eat because Hershey’s pudding is creamy and made with real cocoa. Plus, the pudding cups would make a fun Halloween craft.

hersheys pudding

There are two scrumptious varieties of Hershey’s pudding available,  S’mores and Chocolate.  I couldn’t go wrong with either flavor.  However, I thought that the S’mores pudding cups would be perfect to make a cute Vampire.

hersheys pudding collageI used a heavy duty, multi-purpose craft glue to attach all my decorations.  Each Vampire will need:

2 googlie Eyes

1 button

2 white paper triangles

1 6×6 inch square red tissue paper

1 6×6 inch square black tissue paper

Black permanent marker

Multi-purpose craft glue

I used the tab of the pudding top to look like the “V” in the vampire’s hair.  

Glue the eyes on either side of the tab.  

Glue on the button nose (you could also draw one on with the marker).

Draw a mouth with the marker

Attach the paper fangs just under the mouth

Fold down 2″ of the red and black tissue paper.  (this will form the collar)

Run a bead of glue 3/4 of the way around the top of the pudding cup, just below the lip

Attach the red tissue paper to the bead of glue at the fold line

Run another bead of glue on top of the red tissue paper above the previous glue line

Attach the black tissue paper on top of the red

hersheys pudding 9

Now you have a cute Vampire Pudding Cup to share at your next Halloween festivity or class party.  

vampire pudding cups

 For one of my Vampire’s I tried drawing on a nose with the marker.  This works well also.  (You can see my example on the bottom).  It is really up to you and what supplies you have on hand.

Hershey’s pudding makes it easy to have a quick snack and a fun craft!  To help you save money the Sept/Oct issue of All You Magazine has a $0.55 off coupon for Hershey’s ready to eat pudding!

Easy, quick craft for Halloween treats!  Vampire Pudding Cups!  Use supplies you have at home and whip up a batch in just a few minutes. #ReadySetSnack [Ad]






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