5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Car

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CampaignHashtag #CollectiveBiasyankee candle 7With raising four kids I sometimes feel like I live in my car.  Over the years I have hauled babies, teenagers, cub scouts, furniture, hay bales and everything in between.  This can make for a mess and some strange smells coming from the back.  Sometimes I even think my van smells like a barnyard.  Being in the car so much I want it to feel organized and smell nice.  I have discovered 5 easy tips to organize your car over time through trial and error.

yankee candle store collageWhile wandering through Walmart with the kids one day, I discovered that Walmart carries Yankee Candle® Brand Auto Air Care products.  I found them in the automotive section, just before entering Tire & Lube.  I was so excited because I felt like I had found a product that could help bring a pleasant fragrance to my mini-van and the price was under $5 each.  

yankee candleThey offered some wonderful fragrances like Pink Sands, Balsam and Cedar and Macintosh.  I couldn’t decide on just one, so I treated myself to a few.  The Yankee Candle® Brand has a Walmart assortment page which is great resource to see all the products they offer.

yankee candle 14Tip #1 Keep your car smelling fresh: Yankee Candle® Brand vent clips make it easy to keep your car smelling wonderful.  Simply follow the user instructions to install.  The vent clips are designed so you can see when you need to replace them.  The Macintosh apple fragrance is delightful for the Fall season.  I am also looking forward to using the Cedar & Balsam fragrance for Christmas.

yankee candle collageTip #2:  Have a place for your garbage.  Having a place to collect all the trash in your car is an easy way to keep it clean.  I have found a paper bag works well for me.  I purchased a simple paper gift bag that fits my space.  Cut the handles off.  Fold the top down 1″.  I continued to fold it about 3 times until I got the height I need for my van.  I sit my garbage bag right below my cup holder up front, so I can easily reach it while driving.  Every time I fill up with gas I empty the garbage bag.  When it gets really nasty I simple throw out the whole bag and get a new one.

yankee candle 16 Tip #3:  Have a place for your water bottles.  There is nothing more annoying than to have a water bottle rattling around your car at every turn.  I found this picnic caddy that was perfect to hold our water bottles.  The sections are the right size to hold an individual bottle.   Now whenever we get on the road I have my kids fill up their water bottles, place them in the holder and everyone always has a drink.  Plus, no more rogue water bottles rolling around in the depths of the van irritating me at every turn and every stop.

yankee candle 6Tip #4:  Keep a supply of pens, pencils and scissors organized and on hand.  I have used an old parmesan cheese jar for years to hold all these tools.  I use this ALL the time!  The pens and pencils come in handy daily, and I have used the scissors more times than I can count.  I love having this jar in my van.

yankee candle 11Tip #5: Create a command center that is easy to access.  This bin sits between my front seats and helps to keep my organized.  I always have a box of tissues and hand sanitizer dispenser.  This is also where I keep my jar of pens, pencils and scissors and a roll of tape (you never know when you will need it).  In my bin I can always find napkins, my cd’s (yes I still use them), plastic spoons (always handy), first aid kit, hand towel, sun screen and bug spray.  

yankee candle 15These things always stay in my van.  It is great to know that I have sunscreen if we forget to apply at home.  Sometimes when we are enjoying the outdoors, the bugs get to biting and I know that I have some bug spray in the van to use. I use the tissues and the hand sanitizer everyday, and the kids know right where to go if they need something.  The pens, pencils, scissors and tape I have used numerous times for homework, repairs, notes, and various other needs.  

These simple tips are tried and true and have helped keep my van organized for years.  It is a great feeling to know that I have these things available when I need them.  What are your favorite tips for organizing your car?

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    Jenna Wood says

    I love your container organization techniques, this is such a great idea! My car is in desperate need of a refreshing! #client

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    I definitely need this for my car! We always have need of water bottles and other items that will make it more comfortable. I will definitely be doing this for my car!

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