Repurposed Christmas Sweater Pillow Cover

sweater pillow 6
I have an easy project for you that will help make your home look and feel comfy and beautiful for Christmas.  It is a repurposed Christmas sweater pillow cover.   Whenever I am at the Thrift store I see some beautiful Christmas sweaters that I wouldn’t necessarily wear, but would look beautiful as home decor.  I picked up this amazing wool sweater for a quarter the other day because I knew it would make a beautiful pillow cover.  I use my existing throw pillows and simply make a cover for them for the holidays.
sweater pillow
First, wash and prep your sweater, you want it clean and smelling nice.
sweater pillow 2
Then place the pillow you will be using on top of the sweater to determine where you will need to sew.  For mine I just need to sew up the bottom, arm holes and across the top.  Since this sweater is a button up cardigan, I will use the button up part as the place where I insert the pillow.
sweater pillow 3
Turn the sweater inside out and sew your seams.  When everything is sewn, get your courage up, and cut off the arms and any other excess you may have.
sweater pillow 4
Now turn the sweater right side out and insert the pillow and button it up.  I prefer finding button up sweaters because it makes creating the pillow opening so much easier.  You simply use what is already there.
sweater pillow 7
Now you have a simply elegant pillow cover to enjoy during the Christmas season.  (This one could be used all winter long actually).  When I am done using it, I will simply unbutton, take out the pillow, and store the pillow cover until next year.  I think it looks amazing!  Because I used a pillow I already had this whole project cost me a whole quarter!  You can’t beat that.
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Turn a thrift store pillow into an great piece of home decor by turning it into a pillow cover.  Quick and easy!


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    Awesome – so great to meet you from the Christmas Blog Hop! I just headed over and added you on Pinterest now. So, first of all this is really cute and adorable but I also like that it’s an easy sew (for someone like me who is really starting to just get my feet wet, I appreciate the projects that don’t require fancy sewing techniques). I was just thinking how you found these at the thrift store, imagine finding “ugly” ones and making a ton of these for an ugly sweater party – one for everyone to take home! This is such a fun idea, and a great way to decorate for the Holidays :)

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    I love how you repurposed and brought new life to this sweater! It’s such a cute design too. My local thrift store specializes in the ugly Christmas sweaters. haha I can sew but definitely prefer the easier projects, this one is right up my alley! I’ll be on the lookout for a cute sweater the next time I hit up a thrift store. Thank you for this awesome idea!

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    Such a great idea! I just recently made a couple envelope pillow covers for the first time and I love your idea to just use the front button up as the opening. Super cute and so easy to change with the seasons. Thank you for sharing on the blog hop!

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    I like how you used the buttons as the “envelope” — I’m thinking that I would also like to do this with sweaters for other seasons as well! Maybe, a faux fur vest into a luxe pillow, for example.


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