Decorate the Inside of Your Shipping Boxes

shipping box 7This time of year it is so fun to send packages AND to receive them.  Since I can’t wrap a box that is shipped very well, this year I decorated the inside of my shipping boxes instead.  It was actually quite simple.  So here are the steps of how you decorate the inside of your shipping boxes.

shipping box 2If you are shipping through the post office, go and pick up a priority mail box.  Carefully take it apart on one side and lay it flat on the wrapping paper you want to use to decorate the inside.  (Or you can use any box you have, just carefully take it apart on one side to lay flat)

shipping box 4

Quickly, with a glue stick put glue all over the inside of the box.  (You could try spray adhesive also, but I didn’t have any).  Just as quickly flip the box over so the glued part of the box is an the WRONG side of the wrapping paper.  If you line up a box edge with the edge of the wrapping paper it will help keep everything straight.

shipping box 3With an exacto knife cut the paper away from the spaces where the box will fold.

shipping box 5

Now glue or tape your box together where you took it apart and then fold the box up into the box shape.  Look how pretty the inside looks now!  Just imagine it when it is full of presents and treasures to send.

shipping box 6

I think it looks fun and festive filled to the brim with presents.  This box is being shipped to my missionary daughter in the Dominican Republic.  I know she will love to receive it and open it up.  Surprise your friends and family this year and dress up the inside of your shipping boxes!

My box had homemade cookies, mad-libs, clothes, games and a couple of homemade stockings inside.  What will you be sending this year?Easily decorate the inside of your shipping boxes.




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    This is such a great idea! I alway think about decorating the outside but never the inside and this is great, so people get surprised even when they get their presents out of the box!!! This even gives me the idea of writing something on the bottom of the box like a sentiment or a quote! How cool!!!

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