Easy Snow Cream

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snow cream 7We always get excited here in East Tennessee when we see snow.  We usually get 2-3 good snowfalls a year which is perfect for me.  Enough to play in and enjoy, but not enough to get old.  Whenever we get a good snowfall we get out the snow clothes and sleds and head to our favorite hill for some fun sledding.  It is always fun to make a treat too and this easy snow cream recipe has quickly become a family favorite.  

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It is super simple to make, but we have learned a few tricks along the way so it turns out deliciously.  

You need:

about 8 cups clean snow

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 TBL Cocoa powder (if you are making chocolate)

We like to put a big clean bowl out on the deck to collect the snow as it falls, but you can also collect clean snow from anywhere.  We have found the best success if the sweetened condensed milk is chilled.  So either pop it in the fridge or set it outside for a couple of hours.  You also need to really work the mixture around.  Once it is all mixed together take a fork and mash it around until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy. It also works best to make this outside in a cool environment.  Snow melts too quickly inside, so we like to make it outside for the best results.  It is best eaten as soon as it is ready.  It is good, cold, sweet and creamy.  A fun and wonderful treat to enjoy on a beautiful snow day.

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Easy Snow Cream


  • about 8 cups clean snow
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk chilled
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 TBL Cocoa powder if you are making chocolate


  1. Add the milk to the snow and combine
  2. Add the vanilla and combine well
  3. (If you are making chocolate add the cocoa powder)
  4. With a fork smash around until smooth and creamy
  5. Serve immediately
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    Those look amazing. I just have a question, I’m not from the US so I might ask something really dumb. What exactly do you mean with “clean snow”. Is actual snow or a product??? if it’s actual snow I’m screwed! We don’t get snow here =(. I’m sure my girl would love that treat!


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      Clean snow is actual snow that has fallen. You just don’t want to get any with dirt or twigs or anything. We usually scoop ours off of table tops and such instead of the ground.

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        Oh wow! I never thought anyone would eat snow, that’s new for me. You can tell I don’t live in a place where we get snow. I’ll have to give this a try whenever I get the chance to be in a snowy place. I only I knew this while I lived in Canada!!!!
        Thanks for the idea!

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