Easy Laundry Room Organization

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Every week Monday rolls around and that means it is time for me to do the laundry for the week.  My laundry schedule is to wash on Monday and then fold, iron and put away everything on Tuesday.  Then I am free from laundry for the week except for anything that has to washed right away (like gym clothes).  I love this schedule for me because by Wednesday I don’t have to worry about laundry until the next week.

wisk storeWhile I was at Walmart last week I picked up some Wisk Deep Clean® original laundry detergent. Did you know that Wisk is turning 60 this year and was the first liquid laundry detergent available!  I also discovered that Wisk Deep Clean® goes beyond the surface stains and gets deep into the fabric to help remove body oils and sweat that can get deep inside the fibers of the clothes.  This is perfect for my family because I have piles of workout clothes that get so sweaty and gross.  My husband comes home with his gym bag full of dirty, sweaty, workout clothes and I hate to take them out because they are so gross, wet and sweaty.  But I need to get them super clean some how and Wisk does a great job because it goes beyond the surface to get things really clean.  Now I can put the sweaty gym clothes in the wash, add  Wisk (following the package instructions exactly) and I have clean fresh clothes.

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Wisk Deep Clean® also inspired me to deep clean my laundry room.  It has been a catch-all room forever and I haven’t had much motivation to spruce it up.  You can see how I have stuff EVERYWHERE!  

It is so handy for me to have all my laundry tools out on the counter, but I wanted it to look cute and organized so I decided I would corral  everything in a fun metal tub to have some easy laundry room organization.  This way everything would be accessible still, but it would look a lot better.  I put all my soaps, starches and cleaners that I keep in the laundry room in the bucket.  (I even have my pile of orphaned socks in the bottom).  Keeping everything in the bucket makes it seem organized and that it has a purpose.  It is amazing how something so simple can make the laundry room look so much better.

wisk 8  The soap sign for the bucket was easy to make with some freezer paper, burlap, furniture tacks, magnets and a small piece of wood.

wiskI first cut my burlap to the size that I needed to fit my piece of wood.

wisk 2Then with my cutting machine I cut out the word “Soap” on a piece of freezer paper with the wax side on the back.  Then I ironed the paper onto my piece of burlap (The wax on the freezer paper will “stick” to your fabric when ironed)

wisk 3 Once that was in place I took a sponge and dipped it in some paint and then dabbed the paint onto my stencil.  Go lightly on this, you don’t want too much paint and first, you can always do another coat.  Also have some paper underneath your burlap so the paint doesn’t leak through.

wisk 4After the paint is dry simply peel off the freezer paper and viola you have a great little painted burlap sign.  I attached the burlap to the wood using some furniture tacks and then hot glued two magnets on the back.  The magnets make it easy to attach the sign to the bucket.

wisk 7Now I have a wonderful and stylish container for all my laundry sundries.  I also added a faux fern in a faceted glass jar and my husband’s grandmother’s iron to the decor.  I love this look so much better than having everything helter-skelter on the counter.  It actually makes me want to be in the laundry room!

Remember when you need to deep clean your gym clothes or any other laundry needs, pick up a container of Wisk Deep Clean®. (There will be a coupon in the paper on 4/10 so keep an eye out).  What is your favorite day to do the laundry?

It is easy to keep you laundry room clean, organized and functional with this tip.  Ad #Wisk60



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