Easy Sew Tissue Covers

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I always love to feel as clean and as fresh as I can at all times.  I have discovered that keeping a package of Cottonelle® Fresh Care* Flushable Cleansing Cloths with me in my purse when I am out and about helps me to clean up easily in all sorts of situations.  Since they are also flushable, break up after flushing, and sewer- and septic-safe I like to keep a package in my bathrooms at home also.

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I noticed the other day at Sam’s Club that they had a great display of Cottonelle® Fresh Care* Flushable Cleansing Cloths in a mega pack.  They feature new designs on the individual packages that were voted on by Sam’s Club members.   These designs are exclusive to Sam’s Club and they are all super cute.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to stock up.  

cottonelle mega pack

I also thought of a fun way to make the individual packages uniquely mine with an easy sew cloth cover.  The instructions are below and they are easy to make (less than 10 minutes each) so you can make up a bunch in no time.  I started out by purchasing 1/4 yard of fabric in 3 different fabrics that I really loved, so I could make 3 different covers.

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I then cut 4 pieces of fabric 6 1/2″ by 7 1/2″ to make my cover.  Take two of the rectangles and place them wrong sides together.  This will make the bottom of your cover.

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Fold the remaining two rectangles in 1/2 with right sides facing out.  Place the folded side in the middle of the bottom rectangle. (I used a different patterned fabric so you could see where to place it.  You can also see that the bottom is doubled.)  Place the other folded rectangle with the folded side right next to the first.

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Pin all around to hold in place.  Run a straight stitch around all the sides.

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Remove the pins, clip the corners so they won’t be so bulky and turn right side out.

cottonelle mega pack 9

Now you can slip your Cottonelle package into the cover.  Now you are ready to put it in your purse, car or your bathroom.  Or you could tie a bow around it and give it as a gift.  A little “happy” for someone.

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You can see how handy the cleansing cloths are to put into your bag to be able handle any mess you may encounter away from home.  

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They also help to dress up your bathroom while lending a bit a convenience and freshness.  The covers are so easy to sew that I have plans to make some for the changing seasons.  A cover for Fall with some mini pumpkins in the container or a Christmas fabric with pinecones along side would add a fun touch to the display.

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Sam’s club makes it really convenient for you to pick up a package of Cottonelle® Fresh Care* Flushable Cleansing Cloths if you use their Pick-Up service and Subscription service offered to all Sam’s club members. You should check it out today.

Dress up your tissues with these Easy Sew covers. Ad #CleanRippleStyle


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