How to Pay for College

How will you pay for college?  Federal Loans to Parent Plus Loans and everything in between. AD

We are in the midst of preparing my oldest daughter to start college this Fall.  We knew this day was coming, but it has come much faster than I had anticipated.  We have been able to save a little bit to help her toward her college expenses, but with the price of higher education these days it may not be enough.  To help her pay for all of her college expenses she is working two part time jobs this summer and applying for scholarships.  Plus, together we have been looking for other ways of how to pay for college.

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There are several things that you can do to help pay for college.  Some are:

   – Choose a school that is close so the student may live at home

   – Have the student find a full or part time job over the summer and during school

   – apply for scholarships. 

   – Buy used text books or rent books

   – attend Community College the first two years 

   -Fill out the FASFA (Free Application for Student Federal Aid)

   – Student Loans ( and Parent Loans)

 In case that will not be enough to cover her expenses I have done some research to see what other options we have.

In researching ways to pay for college I came across College Ave Student Loans Parent Loan option.  I decided to look into it further to see what it entailed.  I discovered some things I didn’t know before about student loans.  One is that the parents can get a Parent Loan to cover your student’s costs.

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          The College Ave Student Loans Parent Loan option has no origination fee and has a lower fixed rate than Federal Parent loan programs.  This can mean on average savings of $1,000

        College Ave Student loans also offer flexibility for your specific situation.  There is an option to have up to $2,500 deposited directly to the parent’s bank accounts so that they are able to pay for extra expenses that come up for college.  This to me would be of great value because there are so many little expenses that come up.

         College Ave Student Loans also offer the option to begin paying back the loan immediately and they also offer repayment terms that you can choose from which an be 5-12 years.

        College Ave has a great tool in their Student Loan Calculator so that you can project your costs

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For a limited time they are also teaming with Experian┬« to help you if you need to considering borrowing for higher education costs.  They are offering a one-on-one 35 minute phone call with a Credit Educator who will walk you through your credit report and help you with your credit management decisions.  For more information on this service please visit:

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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