Places to Eat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Heading to Gatlinburg soon?  Check out these great places to eat.  Plus a place to get FREE water on the parkway!

places to eat in gatlinburg 10It is such a treat for us that our family lives so close to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We are about an hour away, so we take the chance to visit whenever we can.  Plus the kids get to go on a few fun field trips up there.  Since we go so often I am very familiar with the dining options in Gatlinburg.  However, I know when I travel I like to have a little sense of what I can expect to find in the places I am visiting.  On a recent trip I decided I would snap some pictures and share a few places to eat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Plus I am going to share a “secret” water fountain where you can get a cold drink of water for free.  (Always an added bonus for my family when we travel)

places to eat in gatlinburg

For a quick bite of familiar food there is a Subway that offers it usual fare.  You will find it housed in this quaint building on the corner by the Ripley’s Aquarium.

places to eat in gatlinburg 7

If you are in the mood for hamburgers and shakes, Johnny Rockets is the place for you to stop and eat.

places to eat in gatlinburg 5

For Italian food and a great place to rest and relax Best Italian on the parkway is a wonderful place for your family to refresh and eat.  They have some amazing food that our family really enjoyed.  Plus we love their rocking chairs on the sidewalk.  It is a perfect place to people watch.

places to eat in gatlinburg 3Oh the Pancake Pantry!  What a great building with amazing windows and a wonderful menu.  Who wouldn’t like to eat pancakes in the middle of the day?

places to eat in gatlinburg 6

The place that we frequent often is Pizza Hut.  It is not unique to Gatlinburg but they have great deals on pizza and it fills my family up for not too much money.  Plus all my kids like pizza.  It is on the parkway but it is hidden a bit.  It is next to the Old Smokey Candy Kitchen and is on the second floor.  They have a lot of space to eat inside and great tables next to the windows so you can look down on the Parkway and watch all the goings on.

places to eat in gatlinburg 4For a sweet treat nothing beats The Donut Friar.  It is located in the quaint “Village” area of Gatlinburg.  They offer donuts, pastries and drinks.  Oh my goodness the powdered donut is to die for!  It was caked in  powdered sugar and the taste was amazing!  My daughter and I shared one and she accused me of eating almost all of it!

places to eat in gatlinburg 8


Finally my hidden gem.  An ice cold water fountain in the middle of Gatlinburg!

places to eat in gatlinburg 9I know this may not seem like a big deal, but my kiddos get thirsty and a lot of times I don’t want to shell out money for water.  So, we have found this wonderful water fountain in the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.  This is the one right next door to the Pancake Pantry.  The water fountain is located on the back wall and is a great find in the hot summer months.

places to eat in gatlinburg 10

So there are a few places to eat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  If you are planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains you may want to check out some of my other posts:

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    Gatlinburg looks like a beautiful place. The architecture on all of these buildings is really cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Tennessee (unless I have just driven through) but it seems like a great place to visit.

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    The Pancake Pantry and DOughnut Friar look like great stops while in Gatlinburg. I love finding local places these to stop at.

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