DIY Sports Ball Holder

Organize your garage by using the space between your garage doors to make a DIY sports ball holder.
Win a Cordless drill & a Circular saw for all your DIY projects.


Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it is time to start shopping for the special men in your life.  Black+Decker has a great new drill out that would make a perfect gift and help get all those DIY projects completed around the house.

drill 2

We used our Black+Decker 20V MAX Lithium drill to help us organize the garage with a DIY sports ball holder.  We have had balls rolling all over our garage for years, so it was beyond time to corral them. My husband used some scrap lumber, some screws and 3 bungee cords to make our DIY sports ball holder.

drill 5We used the space between our two garage doors to make it easier to put together, plus it is a great way to use that space.  For the top you will need 2 1×4 pieces of lumber cut to fit the space between your garage door. Then you will need to cut 2 right triangles for your supports.  Screw these into on of the 1×4 pieces and screw into the wall.  Drill 3 holes evenly spaced across this 1/4 that will fit your bungee cord hooks.  You can choose the length of bungee cord that you would like to have.  It will make the space longer or shorter depending on your needs.

drill 6The other 1×4 will be your base for the above platform.  You will need a piece of plywood cut to fit your space between the doors and then cut into a similar shape like above.  Screw this platform to the 1/4 and then screw it into the wall.  

drill 10

drill 7

With your lightweight Black+Decker drill drill 3 holes like above for your bungee hooks.  1 right in the middle and then one in the middle of each angle.

drill 11

Now hook on your bungee cords and add your sports balls and start organizing your garage.  The new Black+Decker drill was so easy to use to help us with this project.  It was lightweight, yet powerful.  It also has a super handy place to hold the screw bit which was really handy.

drill 9





  1. 1

    Alexandra Robertson says

    That ball holder is genius. I would love to win this for ny husband. NY favorite feature is the Led light on the drills! Awesome for seeing and drilling in tight spaces with little light hitting it.

  2. 2

    Lisa Brown says

    My favorite feature is the 11 position clutch which helps prevent stripping screws or damaging material. Thanks for the chance :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  3. 6

    Britnee says

    I love that it has a led light! Far too often I’ve need a flashlight and a drill, which is difficult to juggle both.

  4. 8

    ellen says

    I like that is a 20V and has long lasting lithium batteries powering it. It is also nice the batteries are interchangeable with other 20V products in their line so you can move the battery from one tool to another as needed

  5. 9

    Cheryl says

    My favorite features of the new Black+Decker drills are “The compact design” and “Lightweight at 2.5 lbs”.

  6. 10

    carol clark says

    ccntx at live dot com i like the led light i mean it tight spaces with no light this is a must and now it is i love that feature and i like the The keyless chuck allows for easy bit changes

  7. 14

    Brenda Haines says

    I love that it’s light weight and fits in tight spaces.. (we’re running out of room here lol).

  8. 15

    kelly tupick says

    I like that the drill is light weight and compact in size to fit in tighter areas. I also like that it comes with a two year warranty.

  9. 17

    David says

    The LED light is a very u8nique feature. Most applications wouldn’t really need the light, but there are times when pinpointing the bit is difficult because your own shadow blocks out all of the light on the project. I think that is the one feature that I would use most, and often wonder how I lived without it.

  10. 19

    Melissa Storms says

    The led light is one of my favorite features. I love that you wouldn’t have to rely on someone else to hold a flashlight so you could see what you were doing.

  11. 20

    Among The Treasures says

    Wow, what a great idea and product! I am about to start a total overhaul of our garage. These products would help me so I wouldn’t have to use a hammer and my old hand saw to put up beadboard! The light feature would be so helpful in the dark corners, too.
    Thank you for such a great blog and this opportunity.

  12. 22

    Deborah Anderson says

    Oh wow! First drill I’ve ever seen that includes an LED light to shine on your project so you can actually see what you’re doing!! That’s brilliant and I wonder why no one ever thought of that before. Leave it to Black & Decker to be innovative. :)

  13. 23

    elizaeth miller says

    I love that it is lighter then the previous models which makes it great for getting into more minute spaces. Its great that it has a keyless chuck because when in tight spaces working, stopping to mess with a keyed change is really a pain. The LED light will be especially helpful in these small spots as well. It doesn’t hurt that it has the various clutches to elminate strippage of screws because in tight places sometimes you can’ actually see how close you are to having it all the way tightened.

  14. 26

    evans sevieux says

    favorite features : comes with its own LED light and that it is cordless

    alliana88m AT yahoo DOT com

  15. 27

    Ally says

    I love the LED to light up what you’re doing. Trying to handle a drill and a flashlight (when the drill blocks the light!) is miserable!

  16. 40

    Stephanie Phelps says

    My favorite feature is the 11 position clutch helps prevent stripping screws or damaging material.

  17. 41

    Riley Johnson says

    My favorite features of this drill are that it has a light, is lightweight, and a keyless chuck for changing the drill bits. I also love that it is smaller so will fit in tighter places. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. 42

    Carly Williams says

    My favorite features of the new drills are that they are smaller, lighter and fit in tight spaces!

  19. 46

    Trisha Burgess says

    My favorite feature is the LED light! I’m often working at night outside so that’s a very nice addition!

  20. 47

    Kathleen Richardson says

    I love that it is light weight, compact and easy to use. I also love that it is keyless chuck and had the LED light feature.

  21. 49

    wen budro says

    My favorite feature is the built-in LED light. I hate trying to balance a flashlight while I’m working on something. I also like that it’s more compact.

  22. 50

    Katrina Brockavich says

    My favorite feature is the light and that it’s lightweight! Both these things make it much easier to handle and see what I’m working on!
    mrsbrockavich48(at)gmail (dot)com

  23. 51

    cheryl larimer says

    I love that the drills are lightweight and the size of the handle makes it easier to use. As I get older I find those features more and more important. We always have projects going and we both love building things with our hands.

  24. 52

    hannah knapp says

    my email was used to leave this comment :)

    my favorite feature – I like the compact design of the 20V Max, there’s times when it’s hard to use a standard size drill on projects due to small spaces.

  25. 53

    Laurajj says

    Oh that is such a great idea! I so need to do that! Just yesterday I was backing out the van…and out rolled a basketball! Had to chase it down the street. LOL. I think my favorite feature is that it has the 11 position clutch that helps prevent stripping screws! Oh I hate it when that happens. Can be so frustrating.

  26. 54

    Laura ari says

    I’m always stripping screws, so the 11 position clutch to help prevent that would be awesome!

  27. 58

    Siera M. says

    I love how this drill is only 2.5lbs, and comes with a charger. There are a lot of drills that sometimes don’t come with the charging piece. This would be so useful around our home and would open the door for many DIY projects!

    • 59

      Pam H. says

      My favorite features are the lithium battery and the 11 position clutch that helps prevent stripping screws or damaging material.

  28. 60

    Carrie Smith says

    I love that it is smaller and lighter than before, but it still has as much power. Also love the LED lighting– so convenient! Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. 62

    Tiffany Jefferson says

    My favorite is definitely the light! I’m always working into the night and dark spaces!

  30. 63

    Krissie E. says

    I like that it is lightweight at 2.64 lbs and I like that it comes with a battery charger

  31. 67

    Teresa Archer says

    I love that it is light weight and the light helps to find the correct spot to fit the driver heads, and the extra tip holder is an added bonus for when you are switching between a flat head and a Philips head.

  32. 68

    Laura Bates says

    I love the light! Often I am trying to do diy projects in our dark garage and this would be fab. I also love that it’s so lightweight so my arm won’t get so tired.

  33. 72

    Brigitte Bauman says

    My two favorite features are the 11 position clutch and the mid-handle design. I like the mid-handle design because it helps make the drill more comfortable to use. I like the 11 position clutch on this drill because it prevents stripping screws,

  34. 74

    Tina Woo says

    I like that it has an LED light – so handy when you are working in a dimly lit area.
    (tinastuff AT

  35. 77

    Cathy Truman says

    I like that is lightweight at 2.5 lbs would help my husband who had a stroke and can only
    use one arm.

  36. 81

    Timothy says

    My favorite feature is the keyless chuck. It makes a smooth transition from bit to bit which helps with projects that require fast maneuvers. Thanks!

  37. 82

    ronalee duncan says

    My favorite feature is that they both have An LED light. This is a great idea !


  38. 83

    Julie says

    I love that it has a little light on it So nice when you are in dark cabinets.. I also like that it is lightweight for weaker wrists like mine..

    hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

  39. 85


    i like that it’s small and lighter than most. As a petite small framed women i tend to find power tools a little intimidating. There so many projects i would love to work on, but often time find the tools to be too large and heavy to work work with comfortably. This drill looks like something i could handle easily. thanks for the chance!

  40. 87

    sherry fowler says

    My husband is out and I needed power tools that are lightweight and compact; all of these components describes the new black & decker line of tools you were demonstrating in this blog. LOVE IT!

  41. 89

    Megan C says

    I have a blacken decker drill now and my only complaint is how heavy and awkward it is for me to use. I love that this one is lighter and more compact. The balanced feel sounds nice too because mine is bottom heavy due to the battery.

  42. 93

    Seyma Shabbir says

    First I love that “The compact design, 35% smaller than the GC1801 Drill/Driver” so it is small and does not take so much space. I also love that it is lightweight at 2.5 pounds so I am not weightlifting. Last I love that you are having a giveaway for it! :)

  43. 94

    Brandi F says

    First – I love your project! With two boys we could use that simple idea at our house. I’m going to give it a try.

    Now – There are two features that I really like. The first is the lithium battery. I love cordless drills but other batteries run down too fast. The second is the keyless chuck. I like that it is easy to trade out bits.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. 96

    Stefanie Gladden says

    my favorite feature of the Black And Decker drill is the compact design, 30% smaller than the GC1801 Drill/Driver, allows you to fit in tighter spaces and 11 position clutch helps prevent stripping screws or damaging material

  45. 98

    Les Johnson says

    My favorite feature is the keyless chuck which allows for easy bit changes. I always have trouble switching bits in my current drill.

    Katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  46. 100

    Fiona N says

    I love that it has a compact design, 35% smaller than the GC1801 Drill/Driver! Awesome!!
    Thank You for the chance

  47. 104

    Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I love that it is light weight and smaller. Perfect for the smaller projects I have in mind!
    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  48. 105

    Aaron says

    My favorite features are its lightweight compact design and the easy keyless chuck for simple changing of drill bits.

  49. 107

    Lynne says

    I know I am not the first person to say this – but it’s the LED light! I can’t tell you the number of times we could have used a drill (or any other tool for that matter!) with an LED light! Why is the broken stuff always in an impossible to see place?

  50. 110

    June S. says

    I like this the most about the great drill; 20V MAX Lithium drill , my husband would find many uses for this drill around our house.

  51. 111

    Barbara Blanton says

    I love that it is lightweight some are so heavy and I have carpal tunnel in both hands and being light weight helps. The light is nice too!

  52. 113

    Jackie says

    I like that it is smaller and lighter than most drills, and fits into tight spaces.
    Thank you!

  53. 116

    Renee Rousseau says

    My favorite feature is the 11 position clutch helps prevent stripping screws.
    Stripping screws seems to be my forte! The LED light is a big plus!

  54. 118

    Nichole Bentley says

    I absolutely love that this is lightweight! I have worked with heavy drills before and it is difficult. The LED is also a cool feature. Thank you for the opportunity! Nichole2577 at aol dot com

  55. 120

    Angela Saver says

    My favorite feature of Model No. BDCDD220C New
    20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill/Driver is that it is lightweight at 2.64 lbs, providing less fatigue.

    My favorite feature of Model No. BDCDD120C New 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver is Lightweight at 2.5 pounds, providing less fatigue!

  56. 121

    Karen Propes says

    I love the lighter weight, easier for me to use it along with my husband and the light to help see what you do in those tight places! Black and Decker has the best products and are continually making tweaks that help the DIY person. I love their products. We are remodeling and need one of these badly.

  57. 122

    Barbara says

    I love that it’s 30% smaller than the GC1801 and that it’s lightweight. My dad has a standard size drill and I have a hard time using it because it’s too heavy and bulky for me.

  58. 123

    Dana Rodriguez says

    The LED light is a great idea! This would be so nice to have. We are in the middle of remodeling and this drill would make it easier!

  59. 127

    vickie says

    I love that this is lightweight- it makes it easier to keep working. The light feature is neat too.

  60. 128

    Janet Boyanton says

    I like the keyless chuck and the fact that it is light weight and easy to use.

    jboyanto at swbell dot net

  61. 129


    My favorite features of the Black & Decker Drills are the small size and the LED light. That will help ensure the job is done under proper lighting. I like how light-weight it is, making it easier for small jobs around the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. 134

    Angelica says

    I have a few favorite features! I love how lightweight and compact the drill is and that LED light looks super bright and handy.

  63. 135

    Chris says

    Great drill. I built the project shown in the pictures. The drill worked great. In fact, I just completed more projects this past weekend with it. Great power.


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