Porch Makeover Under $100

porch makeover 17Summer is in high swing and that means in sittin’ on the porch time.  We have a wonderful screened porch on the back of our house.  It is a great place to sit and enjoy the back yard, but it is also a great place for everyone to just lay their stuff around.  After months of winter weather, bikes being stored and kids throwing toys everywhere, I knew it was high time for a spruce up, so off I went.

porch collageI started by having the kids power wash the porch to get all the dirt and nasty things off.  Just doing that made such a difference.

porch makeover 16Then I went to organizing and decorating.  This patio set is a vintage set, given to us by my mother-in-law.  It used to be black, but when I received it I wanted to spruce it up and I thought red would bring a wonderful pop of color.  I think it looks great on the porch.

porch makeover 13To add some color and comfort I added some pillows.  I choose a turquoise chevron patterned pillow cover, and used some pillows I already had.  I found the pillow covers at Hobby Lobby for $4.  These make the chairs so much more comfortable too.

porch makeover 12The turquoise planter on the table adds another pop of fun color too.  Nice and fresh and inviting.

porch makeove 14The biggest change was adding 3 big ferns.  It brought in nice color and texture, and made the porch feel homey.  I found them for $10 each and then placed them in different metal containers I had. It made such a wonderful change.  

porch makeover 9

 I have a little rocking chair area, to add some pizzaz there I added a green plant in a basket and a small boxwood wreath on the old screen door.  We found the door at our rental house when we first bought it just hanging around with no purpose.  I loved the craftsmanship of it, so I brought it home to enjoy.  I love the way it looks on the porch.

porch makeover 6

The cat bowl even got an upgrade.  I found a wicker charger and a white plate at the Habitat ReStore (my favorite shopping place).  They were .70 together and I thought they would class up Oreo’s eating digs a bit.

porch makeover 10To keep all the sports equipment corralled, I bought a metal basket to help keep everything in one place.  It has a simple look, but helps keeps things organized.  Now the kids know right where to put all their balls and such when they are done.

porch makeover 13All in all it was an easy makeover (once the power washing was done).  I think I spent about $70 on everything which was the plants, pillow covers, planters and the metal basket.  Not bad for a great new look.  Now all that is left to do is to remember to water the ferns!

Easy tips for a summer porch makeover for under $100.

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