5 Easy Ways to Love Your Teen


Do you have Teens in your home?  I do, and I think they are amazing!  I do have really good girls.  They are dependable and loving (most of the time).  They try hard and work hard and play hard and try and treat others fairly.  I think my teens are amazing.  But I know that life gets hard for them.  They have to navigate the pressures of school and the things that can happen there.  They can get feeling overwhelmed with all they have to do.  And then there is that part of being a teen where sometimes it is hard to feel confident, loved, appreciated and important.  It is a tough part of life to navigate through.  I know that anyone feels better after a kind word, a hug, someone showing interest in their lives, a smile, or even a homemade cookie waiting at home for you.


I am so blessed to serve in the Young Women’s program at church.  I love to interact with these amazing young women.  They inspire me and boost me up.  I do know that they have tough days and I love to be there to encourage them and let them know that someone is cheering for them.  I remember being in high school and how tough that can be.  Sometimes your schedule is such that you have no friends in any of your classes or probably the worst, no friends at lunch.  I remember those stomach clenching days of walking into the lunch room and seeing no friendly faces.  


So,  I love to find easy ways to boost the Teens around me, because I think all of them are truly amazing.  Here are 5 easy ways to love your teen:  

-Be interested in the activities they are interested in.  Ask them about what they are doing and look them in the eye.  Don’t be distracted when talking to them.

-Attend their events.  Whether that be a play, game or debate.  Whatever it is, take the time to be there.  It means more to them than they will tell you.

-Fix their favorite meal.  Especially when you know they are going to have a tough day.  We all have them.

-Listen patiently when they need someone to talk to.  We all need to vent and they need to know you are a safe place to let it all go.

-Have a special treat waiting for them after school.  It can be homemade cookies, a bowl of their favorite fruit or even Yoplait Go-Big Yogurt.

-Tell them how amazing you think they are.  You can do this through words, notes or letters.  The other day I decided to surprise my daughter with a bouquet of balloons.  I wrote on the balloons all the ways I think she is amazing!



No matter how you do it, make sure your Teen knows how special and amazing they are.  They need a boost everyday and there are so many easy ways to do it.


Yoplait Go-Big Yogurt can be found at your local grocery store and offers more yogurt which is perfect for your Teen.  My girls got really excited when they saw the box I brought home and they went straight for them and loved them!

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    The teen years sure can be tough. I think you suggestion to listen to them and be present is important. It’s amazing what young folks will share and what you’ll learn about them if you give them the attention. And yes, keep that refrigerator stocked!

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    These are some great insights. I don’t have teens, but I feel like people are always acting like they are horrible – I appreciate your positive perspective on your girls! I think these are great ideas – my teen years aren’t that far behind me. I know I appreciated being supported this way.

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