Easy Football Party Ideas

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #NotSoFastMom #CollectiveBiaspowerade-33Fall is officially here and with that brings lots of opportunities for football!  In my hometown in East Tennessee we are especially blessed with great football.  Our high school football team goes to the state championship every year (and we usually win), so Friday nights you will find our family supporting our favorite home town team.  Also we live 15 miles from the University of Tennessee which is looking like some good football this year!  Go Vols!

powerade-storeWhile I was at Walmart I noticed a great display of Coca-Cola products that would be perfect to plan a tailgate around.  So I picked up several different varieties and thought of some easy football party ideas to share with you.

powerade-21With all this fall football activity it is important for athletes and fans to stay hydrated so we can best enjoy these fabulous football games.  POWERADE helps my kids stay hydrated before, during and after their athletic events.  An easy way to remind them to stay hydrated is to make quick and easy tags to slip around their POWERADE bottles.  (Mountain Berry blast is a favorite flavor).  It is a gentle and easy reminder to hydrate.  

powerade-19I picked up some tags and elastic cord at the craft store and made these quick tags for an easy hydration reminder.  Just slip them around your bottles.  My girls also like to cheer on their football team every Friday, so we made some quick and easy homemade pompoms to make their cheers more festive.  For even more tips on how to make the best of your game days please visit Notsofastmom.com.


I bought some streamers in our favorite team colors and some precut small dowel sticks.  You will also need tape and scissors.  I found that a Coca-Cola  box is the perfect template for how long you need your streamers to be.  I wrapped the streamers around the Coca-Cola  box 5 times each.


Then carefully take the streamers off the box and cut a small hole in the middle for your stick to go through.  Do this two times with each color.  Layering the colors.  After the last color fold one layer of the streamer over the top of the stick and wrap a piece of tape around it.  Then on the bottom of your streamer stack, place a piece of tape around the stick to hold it in place.  Trim the ends of the streamers and now you you are ready to cheer on your favorite team!  They are also really good decorations for a football tailgating party.

powerade-46Tennessee has a big rivalry game this weekend, so we are putting on a spread.  For the back drop of our tailgate table, I wanted to make a large wood sign with “Football” on it.  I went and bought a 1″x12″x6′ board at the home improvement store.  I love that it is 12″ wide because it make it big and bold.

powerade-collage-3I lightly sanded the board, but I did not want the paint to be absolutely perfect.  I painted a base coat of a light cream and let it dry.  Then I cut out stencils on card stock which were the perfect fit for the 12″ wide sign.  I used an 800 sized font and then taped all the stencils together and centered it on my wood, taping it down.  I carefully sponged some black paint on the stencils.  I made the mistake of letting it dry overnight because I had a meeting I had to run to right after I painted.  DON’T do this.  Let the paint dry maybe 5 minutes and then carefully remove the stencils.  I had lots of paper sticking to mine the next day, ugh!  I did lightly sand the black letters and then outlined in some areas with white paint with a small paint brush.  This helped define some of the letters, and also helped cover up my boo-boo’s.  After letting it dry I was ready to put together my football party.

powerade-33I tried to get all the elements we love in tailgating.  Great food, drinks and games.  Pigs in a blanket are favorites in this house.

powerade-collagePop-open biscuits wrapped around little hotdogs, baked at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes make the house smell great and are so fun to eat watching a good game.

powerad-collage-4White chocolate popcorn sprinkled with team colors is also fun.  (I had to break out some Coke Zero while I was creating, I couldn’t resist!)  I popped some popcorn and then spread it on a cookie sheet.  I melted a bag of white chocolate chips in a zip top bag at 30 second intervals until melted.  Snip a hole in one corner and then drizzle over the popcorn.  Immediately after, sprinkle with colored sugar in your choice of color (we love orange around here).  Let the white chocolate set for about and hour.  Then place in cute little bags for your party.


Next come the drinks.  I love to have lots of Coca-Cola products on hand to enjoy.  I placed POWERADE in an old tool box as the center piece and then wanted to have guests have the option of making a Coca-Cola  float.  I thought “oh boy this could be really messy”.  Then I came up with what I thought was a fabulous idea.  


I pre-scooped ice cream into Coca-Cola  glasses and put them in the freezer for at least an hour.  Then just before the party started I nestled them into a bucket of ice along with offerings of Coca-Cola .  



I even place the straws in the ice cream.  Now all the guests had to do was choose their Coca-Cola  and add it to the glass.  It worked so well!  And the ice cream stayed firm in the ice for at least an hour and a half!  I will for sure do this again, because who doesn’t love a good Coca-Cola  float?



Now for the games.  I thought it would be fun to have a ring toss game to choose your beverage!


I knew it could be fun, but I did not know just HOW fun my girls thought it was.  They saw it as I was setting up and immediately went to playing.  And they played and played!   And then they came back and played some more.  (They did leave the drinks at first so they could keep playing)


It was so simple to set up.  A small table with green felt and white tape for the yard lines.  Then I placed Coca-Cola , Coke Zero and POWERADE on the field.  I made rings by bending pipe cleaners into circles and then let the family go.  They LOVED it!  You can have this out during the whole game, or maybe it is a half time activity, but I can guarantee everyone will love it!



I loved how my party turned out.  The football sign made an amazing back drop and I simply added great tailgating food and wonderful Coca-Cola  products and some fun decor for a great time.  I hope I have been able to give you some great tips for tailgating.  I have to say I LOVE the ice cream float tip!  Remember for more game day tips check out Notsofastmom.com!

And may your favorite football team win this weekend!  Go VOLS!

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