Trunk Decor Ideas for Trunk-or-Treat

Easy decor ideas for trunk or treat.

Thanks Oriental Trading for sending us some really fun stuff to decorate our trunk, all opinions are my own!

oriental-trading-2Every October our church hosts Trunk-or-Treat which is an event my whole family looks forward to.  We love to get dressed up to enjoy the festivities and we like to dress up our trunk too.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to have the most fun trunk of the night!  This year we used some things from Oriental Trading and came up with 3 great trunk decor ideas for trunk-or-treat.



My kids and I had so much fun pouring through the Oriental Trading catalog looking for our favorite ideas. The blow up bats and ghosts were a hit with my son and provide a fun spooky look when hung from the trunk of our van.  



A blow up ghost placed in a lantern with a hairy rat has elegance, fun and a little spookiness too.



The ghost ring toss game was a must have.  I thought it would be fun for the kids to “earn” their candy by tossing the rings. It is also an easy way to store and display your candy.oriental-trading-6


We ordered some fun things like realistic gummy worms, gummy mummies, gumball eyes and gummy teeth.  


The realistic gummy worms look super real and are perfect for Halloween and a hit with darling teenage girls.

The posable skeleton has been named “Charles”.  I usually wake up to find him in a different place around the house which has been really fun for the kids to think of different ways to pose him.  He looks great here getting ready to greet all the trick or treaters.


My kids have already had a fun time playing the ring toss game.  They also think that it earns them a piece of candy even though it isn’t Halloween yet!oriental-trading-9


I decided to try a rustic/plaid look also, which was really fun to put together.  My daughter and I kept adding different fall elements and it turned out great.  There are many things we grabbed from around the house to pull the look together.  There is nothing wrong with having an elegant look to your trunk this year.


Charles even looks elegant placed against a plaid wool blanket.oriental-trading-11

For this setting I used a metal drink container to hold the candy.  I draped a wool blanket across it and fill it up with all the delightful, sugary goodies we had.oriental-trading-12 oriental-trading-13

Opposite the candy I had an old wooden chair that I draped with another plaid blanket and added a pumpkin, scarecrow, hay bale and a furry rat.  All the things that make you think of fall. oriental-trading-15

I had so much fun taking pictures because it turned out looking so good.  oriental-trading-16

I had to share them all.  I can picture cute little hands reaching in to grab all the fun Halloween sweetness.oriental-trading-17We also did a witch version that turned out cute too.


Oriental trading has some great witch legs that look great along side Charles.


Creepy cloth was one of my picks from the Oriental Trading catalog and looks perfect draped over my grandma’s rocking chair.

If you are looking for some seasonal decor ideas please take some time to peruse the Oriental trading catalog.

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