Fun Ways to Get Kids To Read

Develop a love of reading in your kids with these fun tips

fruit-shoot-4Some of my best childhood memories are sitting on the couch with my mom while she read us a big stack of books that we had gotten from the library.  When my own kids were little I used to love gathering them around and reading books together.  We had a reading time everyday and it is when we would all settle down and they would sit in my lap, or we would lay on my bed and read stories.  I loved those times and we still have many of our favorite books that we would share together.  Today I am excited to partner with Fruit Shoot and Pizza Hut to share some fun ways to get kids to read.

Keep a Basket of Books Handy:

I love to keep a basket, box or crate of books that the kids would enjoy handy and in sight for all to see. I like to change them out so there is new variety fairly often.  It can be books from the library or some from your own collection.  A cheap way to add books to your own library is to find them at yard sales and thrift stores.  They are much cheaper to buy and the stories within are the same.  I also like to have seasonal and holiday books on hand.  We have some classic books for Halloween, Christmas and Easter that are always must reads.


Create a Fun Place for Them to Read:

Do you have a favorite place that you like to snuggle up a read a great book?  Think about making one for your kids.  For this special place I created for my son I used an easy pop-up tent that can be set up anywhere in seconds.  I simply set it up in our family room added a comfy blanket, pillows and a good book.  Adding some fun snacks like a Fruit Shoot make the whole experience even better.  Think about setting up a hammock outside or piles of pillows on a porch swing.  Somewhere that is comfortable and the kids will want to spend a while and read.  This is a great tip to use when the kids may have a book to read for school that they are not especially excited about.  Do things to make reading more enjoyable.




Turn Books Into a Display:

This works well for seasonal books or books you may want your kids to get excited about.  Place them in a prominent place where they will see it.  Make the book look exciting and something they want to check out and explore.  Add a fun snack like Fruit Shoot and you will be sure and get their attention.


Wrap Up Books You Already Have:

This is a fun tradition we do every year as a countdown to Christmas.  I wrap up 24 books and we open one a day to read.  These are all Christmas themed and we have the ones that the kids look forward to reading every year.  This can be done for road trips as well.  Wrap up some books before you go and then when the kids get restless have them open a book to enjoy.  Even if they have read the book before it is always exciting to open and see what it is.

Visit Pizza Hut to Support Literacy:

Right now Pizza Hut and Fruit Shoot are partnering with The Literacy Project and First book to encourage kids to read. Your purchase of Fruit Shoot will help support these wonderful programs!

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