Christmas Home Tour 2016

Easy Christmas decor ideas to make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

home-tourDecorating my home for Christmas is one of my most favorite things to do.  I take a few days to do it, decorating a little a time, fixing things here and there.  It is my play time.  I like to make little vignettes around the house so there is something different to discover in each room.  Please join me as I show you the favorite Christmas places in my home.


This is the sideboard in my dining room.  Usually there are papers, and all sorts of chaos all over it.  I try and keep it as clean as possible to highlight the decor.  I love to change things up on the shelves above each season.  I am loving my little red truck and tractor and bottle trees.


Christmas cookies are always a delight to eat, so I try and have some available after school for the kids.


home-tour-7The fireplace is where I display my most elegant Nativity set and of course our stockings.  They are one of the first things to go up.

home-tour-8home-tour-10Santa has been welcoming guests to our home for 14 seasons!  He sings and dances and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.  We have watched the kids go from being half his height to being several inches taller than Santa.  He makes a great dancing partner and is also dressed up to be the inn-keeper when we re-enact the Christmas story on Christmas Eve.

home-tour-11The foyer tree is decked out with snowmen every year. 


Carolers grace the music room.


The family room is the spot for the family tree.  It is always a live tree and I enjoy how every year each tree is different, but always beautiful.  This year we have had fun wrapping our presents in homemade wrapping paper.    I am really loving the look.


 Lots of cozy pillows and a warm, cuddly plaid throw make the family room feel like home.  I made the Christmas tree pillow cover from an old sweater and the Santa a Mrs. Claus were treasures I found at the thrift store.


These jingle bells always hung on the back of my Grandma’s front door.  I loved going in and out of her house at Christmas time.  Now my kids get to enjoy the same magical sound and have a connection with their great grandmother.


My daughter served a mission for our church in the Dominican Republic.  I asked her to find a nativity set while she was there.  She looked and looked and she finally found this one on her very last day.  I love it.


My son drew this fantastic Santa Claus in Kindergarten.  I loved it so much I framed it to display every year. The snowmen I painted years ago.  The sitting down snowman I painted in Elementary school.  We had a mom who did ceramics that would come in every year and have us paint something.  One year it was this snowman.


A cross-stitch I finished after working on it off and on for two year!  And a fun little vintage Christmas tree.


The lamps even get a little decoration.  I hang Santa heads from them.  My kids think it is a little creepy.  I say it is fun. 




My bedroom even gets a little Christmas cheer.  I keep it simple so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.  This year I added a wreath on the mirror and this fun pillow I made from a tea towel.




I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my home.  Have a Merry Christmas!


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