Easy Snowman Craft

$2 or less & you can make this easy snowman craft.  Perfect for a snowy day

snowman 14

Winter is officially upon us and that means here in East Tennessee the weather could be cold, snowy and icy or it could be mild and balmy like it is today.  Either way I still like to bring a little winter sparkle into our home to help beat the winter blues after we have put up all the Christmas decor.  Every year I like to add a little something new to my winter decor and this year I put together an easy snowman craft.  It is cheap, fun to do and easy enough that the kids could put one together.

snowman 2

The first thing to do is to gather all your supplies.  I used things I had on hand already which made this super cheap to do.  You can find a package of the styrofoam balls with all the sizes you need at the dollar store.  You will need:

3 styrofoam balls: 1- .9 inch, 1- 1.4 inch, and 1-1.9 inch

2 black seed beads

1 orange pipe cleaner


1  8″ length of yarn

craft glue

serrated knife

wire cutters (I used a handy 3-in-one jewelry tool)

snowman 3

 First shave off a little bit of the big styrofoam ball on two sides.  One side to stand on and one side to place the medium ball.  I also gently pressed the flattened part on the table to make it level.  The medium sized ball needs two sides flattened also and the small ball for the head only one.  This helps the balls to stay in place easier.  Place a small dollop of glue between each snowball and attach.

snowman 5

Cut two pieces of wire into 4 inch lengths.  Shape them into “arms” however you would like.  The 4 inches will be too long but after you shape the arms cut them to the length that looks good for you.  Carefully insert them into the middle ball of the snowman.

snowman 6

Next cut a 1/2′ inch piece of pipe cleaner and 2-1″ pieces of wire.  Put a seed bead on each piece of wire placing the bead in the middle of the wire and twist to secure.  Trim the wire down to be able to insert it into the head.

snowman 7

Gently place the eyes and nose into the snowman’s head.

snowman 8Take an 8 inch piece of yarn and fashion a scarf.  I tied mine with a double knot.  The styrofoam will like to “grab” the yarn, so work gently.

snowman 9

Your snowman is now ready to decorate your home.

snowman 16My snowman is nestled under a cloche and has some snow sparkles and some extra snowballs to compliment him.  

snowman 12

It is hard to take a picture with him under the glass because of the glare, so here he is without the cloche.  It is a fun little vignette that we get to enjoy in our dining area.  I love the little reminder of how fun snow can be.  



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