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get a professional looking paint job with these easy painting tips.  #6 is my all time favorite!

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In my family I have become the painter.  I have painting skills after years and years of practice and endless projects.  I also have a love/hate relationship with it.  If I can get in the painting zone I really enjoy it and it is relaxing.  But then sometimes the project gets long and I start getting worn out and impatient.  But everything sure looks fresh and nice when everything is put away and I have a freshly painted room.  I have learned over my many painting jobs that to get the best paint job, you must put a lot of prep work in.  I know, I HATE all the prep work.  I just want to get the room painted and done.  BUT, I have learned the hard way that to get a great looking paint job, most of the work is on the front end with the prep work.  So I have put together a few great painting tips I have learned to make your paint job look professional.

painting tips 20#1 Clean your walls

  With some warm water and just a little soap gently wash down your walls, baseboards and crown molding.  You want to get all the dust, grime and spider webs off.  This will help the paint stick well.  

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#2 Fill in all the holes 

  This step is pretty easy, depending on how many holes you have and how big they are.  Most nail holes and screw holes can be filled in easily.  I use sheet rock mud that you can buy at the home improvement store in a small tub and a putty knife.  

painting tips collageSimply grab some mud with your putty knife, draw it across the hole and it will fill in.  I use the putty knife to take away excess sheetrock mud.  Also a wet paper towel can wipe away a lot of the mess.  If there is still raised parts of it when it dries, take some sandpaper and lightly sand it down.

painting tips collage 2#3 Caulk

If you have gaps like the ones above between your baseboards and the wall, or in the corners, or between the crown molding and the wall, caulk is your best friend.  No amount of paint will fill these gaps (trust me, I have tried).  Buy a good, paintable caulk to use.  Cut the tip at an angle and then run a bead of caulk over the gap.  Here is my favorite tip.  A wet paper towel and your finger create a smooth finish on your caulk.  Wet your finger with the wet paper towel then glide your finger along the caulk with gentle pressure.  That should give you a smooth finish.  This will make your paint job look incredible.

 #4 Remove all the face plates

I put all the face plates from the outlets and switches and the coordinating screws in a zip top bag to keep them safe until I need to put them back.  This will make painting around the outlets and switches a breeze.  Make sure your paint is really dry before you put them back, or they will stick to the paint and will be harder to remove the next time.

painting tips 14#5 Gather all your painting supplies

With all the prep work done, you are now ready to rock and roll!  It is time to paint.  Gather all your painting supplies so you will have them at your finger tips.  Please spend the money and buy a good angled brush for your baseboards and crown molding.  Cheap brushes just don’t cut it.  If you wash out your good brushes well they will last for many projects.  I also like to spend the money and buy a good lamb’s wool roller.  It gives a great finish and doesn’t leave parts of itself on the wall, as some of the cheaper rollers can.  

#6 My favorite tip

There is no way I can paint a room in one day or in one session.  I hate cleaning my brushes and rollers every time.  It is too messy and takes too much time.  When I have to stop painting, but I know I will still need my brush I simply store it in a zip top bag with all the air taken out of it with the paint still on it.  When I come back the next day, it is still good to go.  The same with a roller.  I usually wrap it tightly in a garbage bag to keep the air out.  It is ready to go the next day.  This tip has saved me so much time over the years!

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#7 Protect your carpet

Painting baseboards without getting paint on your carpet can be a challenge unless you know this tip.  I use old cereal boxes, card stock or folders to slip between the baseboard and the carpet.  It usually slips right in, or I can use a putty knife to help it go in.  Doing this will let you paint the baseboards quickly without any paint on the carpet.  Don’t let the paint dry all the way or the cardboard will get stuck.  This is another tip I love.

I hope these painting tips I have shared with you help your next painting project to be a success.  I know they have sure helped me.  I have even had contractors tell me they would love to have me on their paint team because our paint looks so good!





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    Jolina says

    You are a master painter! We’ve painted several rooms now and unfortunately the most responsibility I’ve been given is handing things to the “real” painters lol. I’d definitely pass this on.

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    I am also the painter in my family. In fact, the year before last we moved 2 times, and I ended up painting 3 houses. Like the whole house! I agree that wrapping the brush and rollers saves so much time, instead of washing them every time. And I think it also saves a lot of paint.

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    Such helpful tips! We opted to paint our own house and I wish I had read this before we had! Would’ve made my life so much easier!

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    These are all such great tips! I always say that the prep work to painting a room takes longer than the painting itself. But all of it is so worth it to have a job done right.

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